5 Reasons why RAM’s Van Tracking is an essential investment for 2017

5 Reasons why RAM’s Van Tracking is an essential investment for 2017

By RAM Tracking on 20 Dec 2016

Saving money and growing your business in 2017 will be a New Year’s resolution for many companies. Make sure your business stays efficient, profitable and accountable with RAM Tracking.

  1. Never lose visibility
    RAM’s van tracking allows you to view your driver’s whereabouts in live real-time. You can allocate jobs based on who is the closest to a location, making each journey more time and cost efficient. A lot of companies use our reports as electronic time sheets, making payroll a much smoother process.
  1. Back up invoices
    You can leave billing disputes in 2016 with RAM’s van tracking, as well as backing up invoices. Using the RAM system, you can evidence time on site, pick-ups and deliveries, which will save on time and money.
  1. Avoid fines
    HMRC have strict regulations when it comes to private mileage. Make sure that all the fuel you claim for is being used properly; not out of hours. We offer a free HMRC guide download to give you some help avoiding these issues. Download HMRC guide. RAM’s van tracking can also be used as evidence to dispute speeding/parking fines. You can view your vehicles whereabouts at all times, as well as track driver speeds.
  1. Private mileage
    Private mileage can get you into trouble with HMRC, as well as cost you money for fuel and possibly wear and tear of your vehicle. Never lose visibility of how your vehicles are being used with RAM’s van tracking. You can set private mileage limits and send alerts to your email inbox when these limits are being breached.
  1. Fuel consumption
    Following 2016’s financial and political changes, SynX Driving Synchronicity predict that fuel prices will fluctuate in 2017*. Save money on fuel consumption using van tracking by finding more efficient routes and keeping track of how your vehicles are been driven. RAM Tracking has a number of reports that can highlight driver behaviour such as harsh braking and acceleration, which can all cost you money in fuel. *https://www.transpoco.com/blog/fleet-and-transport-trends-predictions-for-2017

As 2016 draws to a close, consider RAM’s van tracking to improve your company’s processes and save money. Happy New Year from all of us here at RAM Tracking!

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