5 tips how van trackers can help businesses with a commercial fleet

5 tips how van trackers can help businesses with a commercial fleet

By RAM Tracking on 11 Nov 2016

Van trackers can help to keep your business efficient, profitable and accountable. RAM Tracking allows your company to maximise the productivity of your workforce, whilst minimising time and business costs. It’s like you’re with every one of our drivers without having to be physically there!

Here are 5 reasons why your company needs van trackers:

  1. Van trackers allow you to generate accurate invoices. The RAM system will help you to resolve billing disputes as you can see accurate, up to date information on driver’s arrival and departure times. Without RAM, the average weekly cost to investigate and resolve one dispute is £85, costing an extra £4420 per year!*
  2. RAM’s financial reports allow you to accurately calculate the profitability of a job, these predictions can then be used to make savings. Alternative Windows claims: “we’re saving £2000 a month with RAM”
  3. HMRC have strict rules when it comes to private usage and the type of vehicle you have in your fleet. RAM helps you to monitor van usage and avoid fines by keeping track of private mileage. RAM’s private report allows you to provide HMRC with all the evidence they need to know at the touch of a button.
  4. You can keep track of your employees, and allocate jobs in the most efficient way. Got a new rapid response job coming in? RAM tells you where your nearest driver is, as well as accurate arrival timescales that you can pass on to your customer.
  5. Using van trackers increases productivity as you can be strict with job timings. Using reports as time sheets also means that drivers are more aware of their arrival and departure time.

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*Information taken from businesses that took part in RAM Tracking’s “Do The Maths” calculator