By RAM Tracking on 4 Sep 2017

GPS tracking systems to help with location

GPS vehicle tracking may be something that has been around for some time, but these days a vehicle can become more connected as you will be able to keep tabs on your vehicle at all times. There may be the introduction of an application where you car can transmit it’s location, but it may be further advanced from that by allowing you to see your car via a small camera inside or placed on the front or rear of the car. These cameras may already be in place tas some form of parking assistance, so it won’t be too much more of an addition to allow them to be connected with any GPS technology already uploaded.

Wireless technology for the simple tasks we can still perform

Since the policing of the use of mobile phones was encouraged years ago, many automotive manufacturers have looks at other ways to ensure that people can maintain a connected vehicle. The introduction of bluetooth technology radically enhanced the way people did business on a daily basis. But now things are getting far more advanced, and vehicles are much more connected. Some manufacturers like the introduction of Ford Sync, will allow cars to read text messages and to even enable drivers to voice back replies via a connected auto. Wireless technology is expanding within the vehicles to make life much more connected, not just from the vehicle's side of things, but for the driver.

Self-driving cars that will eventually become our office or give us back valuable time

The connected vehicle will at some point become a self-drive vehicle which will enhance our lives no end. The daily commute to work will no longer be spent in traffic while making phone calls, but actually by logging into your laptop or computer and starting your day the moment you set foot into the car. It will be about getting valuable time to relax on your journeys, by even watching T.V, logging into your Facebook account or even reading the paper and drinking a coffee. The connected vehicle will someday be able to take the task of driving you from one place to another, giving back much-needed time to the individual.

Converting your vehicle into your very own internet hotspot

Everything is digitally enhanced these days, and more things are done online. Which is why the connected vehicle could soon become your very own 4G hotspot. Enabling you to access the internet not just by your phone, but any wifi enabled technology such as tablets, watches or computers. This could essentially help you to perform things like sending emails from your car or even enabling the onboard computer to do those things for you. Without relying on older technology such as bluetooth.

Starting your vehicle remotely

Finally, with all of this technology it would seem sort of old-fashioned to start the vehicle in a manual way. Which is why many connected vehicles are being enabled with an application, where you can remotely start your vehicle up to 15 minutes before needing to get into it. This works surprisingly well on frosty mornings where a vehicle may need to warm up slightly. 

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