5 ways to avoid the spooks with RAM Tracking

5 ways to avoid the spooks with RAM Tracking

By RAM Tracking on 10 Oct 2018

The leaves are falling, and the nights are getting darker which can only mean one thing – Autumn is here, and the scariest, most haunted night of the year is fast approaching. Here at RAM tracking, we want to highlight how our vehicle tracking solutions can help avoid the truly scary things businesses with fleets of vehicles can encounter – not just on Halloween, but all year round.

Here are just 5 ways we can help you avoid the spooks with our vehicle tracking solutions:

  1. Avoid scarily high insurance premiums

Many insurers offer reduced premiums to drivers that have GPS trackers installed both for commercial and business vehicle drivers. This is because trackers are more likely to encourage safer driving habits and be less likely to result in an incident. Further to this, Insurance companies are also more likely to offer a further discount off insurance premiums if a vehicle has a dash cam installed.

  1. Avoid haunting fuel and vehicle repair bills

RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking can help businesses save money on private mileage by reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear on company vehicles. Businesses can also save on fuel by making sure drivers are taking the most cost-effective routes for jobs. Our system also reports on idling which means you can stop your drivers from burning fuel through excessive idling. Another extremely useful feature of our vehicle tracking software is the speed analysis feature. This monitors how well your employees are driving your vehicles, speeding and harsh breaking can not only have an impact on fuel consumption but also wear and tear on your vehicles.

  1. Avoid terrifying driver behaviour

Both RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking software and our live streaming camera, can help influence driver behaviour with both providing reports and alerts for incidents such as harsh braking, harsh accelerations, swerve and speeding as well as actual collisions.

  1. Avoid zombified manual reporting

One of the major headaches for fleet managers in their job is producing reports. Our vehicle tracking solutions provides automatic reporting features which reduces time-consuming manual reporting, saving businesses hours and fleet managers headaches by limiting the tedious task of producing manual reports.

  1. Avoid horrifying customer reviews

A high level of customer satisfaction is no doubt at the forefront of every business’s objectives. Our vehicle tracking solutions allows you to plan the most efficient routes possible, helping you to avoid customer delays which, in turn, helps contribute to a positive customer experience. Having a real-time track on your fleet allows you to react quicker to potential delays, enabling you to keep customers informed of the drivers’ whereabouts and give the most accurate estimated time of arrival. Negative customer experiences can also prompt customers to write reviews on review sites such as TrustPilot and your businesses social media pages which can be off-putting for potential new customers.

To find out how RAM Tracking can help your business boost efficiency and save money all year round, call our dedicated customer support team today on 0330 100 3622 get an instant quote online.

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