6 reasons why we know you’re gonna love us!

6 reasons why we know you’re gonna love us!

By RAM Tracking on 10 Feb 2016

We know you’re gonna love us!
We’re only really coming to terms with the fact that Christmas is over and done with for another year, but the hearts and flowers are beginning to appear – and this could be the year you get lucky.

Love does makes the world goes round, but why does it have to come at such a cost? At RAM Tracking, we want to make sure that this is the Valentine’s Day you fall head over heels for us!

Listen to your heart
Huh? In business, surely it makes more sense to listen to your head. Maybe – but it’s your heart that beats a little faster when you see a good deal. As a fleet manager, you’ll be used to spending money to keep your fleet up and running, but at RAM Tracking we’ll save you an average of £71* per vehicle per week. Our tracking system puts you at the heart of all the action, helping you to identify the nearest driver to an incoming job and so respond to your clients’ needs more quickly.

RAM Tracking means that you can turn the heat up with your team to identify and correct any private mileage that isn’t part of the deal. With drivers’ facts and figures in black and white, it allows them to see just how much a few private miles can add up to.
You can even work on your customer relationships too. RAM Tracking clearly sets out arrival and departure times, so that you can have an open heart to heart with your customers about time spent on site.

See how much money RAM Tracking could save you with our Do The Maths calculator.

Break up with the taxman!
Well, yes – why not? HMRC are doing more and more spot checks on businesses just like you, making sure you’re keeping on top of the right vehicle and fuel benefits.
While it is possible to opt-out of HMRC’s vehicle taxation, it can feel a little daunting when a decision like that could put you in line for a spot-check.
It’s natural – the tax man just makes people nervous…
… so we’ve created a free guide to help you stay in HMRC’s good books. Go on, you know you want to.

Give a little love, get a lotta love back
Whether it’s giving your heart away or just parting with a bit of the budget, it can be hard to let go – but when a system has been specifically designed to save you money in the long term and not simply a quick return RAM Tracking is a no-brainer.

RAM also known as Smart Tracking slices through the hours usually needed to analyse stacks of paperwork to identify patterns and problems – the most important information arrives in your inbox, so you’ll never be in the dark again.

It’s not only about reports though. The RAM system shows mileage spent on private use as well as fuel inefficient driving that can really add up. You can even programme your RAM system, it works intelligently to push key information to you, such as:

  • When your vehicles are being used outside of working hours
  • If your employees are speeding or harsh-breaking – which can lead to excessive fuel consumption
  • It can even let you know when it’s time for your vehicle(s) to get their regular checks

Fleet managers aren’t always based on one site, so we’ve put RAM Tracking to work for you, wherever, however and whenever you need to. We’ll always be there for you so go mobile!

Love to increase productivity?
Well you can with RAM, you have access to loads of different reports and features which allow you to have increased levels of visibility, quickly locate your nearest engineer for a new job and it can even increase the amount of work both you and your drivers can do in a day.
"Since RAM Tracking has been implemented our installers have begun asking for more work when their scheduled job finishes early, this has improved the general productivity and profitability of the workforce,” Stephen Craggs, G.Craggs Ltd (Electrical Delivery).

Like to get to know you well
We’re not the type to sell and run. We’re committed to making sure that you are getting everything that you need from your RAM tracking system. That’s why you’ll have access to your own dedicated trainer to train you and your entire team – free of charge. We know that every company loves different ways of training so you can get to know RAM Tracking better at your desk, on a one to one, or even with the whole team on board.

Make Achy Breaky Hearts a thing of the past
Ahhhh – the very human face of business. Sometimes you need to keep a close eye on your drivers to make sure they are not overdoing it. RAM Tracking shows driving styles so that you can check that drivers rest when they should, allowing you manage your duty of care with a light touch.
RAM also makes it easier to stay on top of speeding and harsh breaking which means that you can save money through reduced service and maintenance bills. What’s not to love?

Fanning the flames of love
We really are RAMantics here with all these benefits you won’t be able to stop falling in love with us, what’s more your boss will love the amount of time and money you’ll be saving as well as his new and improved bottom-line.

*Information taken from all visitors that did the ‘Do The Maths’ calculator on www.ramtracking.com