Brake supports the use of in-vehicle technology

Brake supports the use of in-vehicle technology

By RAM Tracking on 9 Jan 2013

The benefits of in-vehicle technology has become increasing publicised over the last ten years, with road safety charity Brake, announcing a date for its latest seminar on the use of in-vehicle technology in order to improve driver safety.

There are a number of benefits associated with in-vehicle technology, as it provides the fleet manager with invaluable data as to the whereabouts of drivers, vehicles and the journeys undertaken on a day to day basis, all of which can be used to assist in the prevention of road accidents and reduce vehicle related costs.

Ellie Pearson at Brake recently commented on Brakes support of the ever-advancing technologies, explaining how, “new technologies are allowing fleets to keep their drivers and vehicles safer than ever before, protecting employees and company reputations and saving money”. Speakers at the Brake seminar will explain the advantages of in-vehicle technology and how it can best be used in the interest of employee safety, both to reduce risk to the drivers, as well as other road users. 

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