By RAM Tracking on 15 Apr 2017

When it comes to running a fleet of 225 commercial vehicles, keeping tabs on speeding can be a mammoth task. Five years ago Barnsley-based firm AMCO made the decision to install 70 mph speed limiters to their vehicles to tackle the potential risks involved with speeding, and minimise unnecessary expenditures.

This proved a great success and brought a focus to the company and its transport department of how to reduce speeds on roads with lower speed limits. With this in mind AMCO engaged with its vehicle tracking partner of 8 years (RAM Tracking) to begin working to co-develop a new idea around reducing speeding, The Speeding League. “To help assist us with the challenges we were facing, we were able to work with RAM and create this new feature which is essentially a speeding league of all of our 225 drivers” AMCO’s Transport Manager explained, “We have monitored the results carefully over the few years and the results have been staggering, the number of speeding tickets we previously accumulated has reduced by 51%!”.

“It has been a great success so far because as a company we are committed to ensuring our drivers drive safely and keep themselves and other road users safe and with the future plans we have with RAM we are only looking to improve on this success”

But that's not all, by reducing the number of speeding tickets AMCO have received, they have seen a direct correlation in several other benefits “We have seen a reduction in fuel consumption from improved driving, vehicle wear and tear has gone down across the board, and we are protecting the companies reputation with members of the public. It cannot be forgotten that  by demonstrating this duty of care our senior executives and I have piece of mind that we are doing everything we can to ensure our fleet is as safe as possible. With Corporate Manslaughter laws and the prevalence of this to fleet operators this is a hugely important to me as the operating licence holder and also for our senior executives and managers”, AMCO’s Transport Manager states “Businesses need to realise that they are liable for their drivers. If accidents occurs and cause fatalities then management are also held responsible – I can’t stress the importance of implementing the right processes to monitor company vehicles to protect other road users, the public, the driver, and the business and its directors. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to safety.”

Another interesting fact that has come from the findings of AMCO’s speeding league reports,  that may not come as a surprise to many - is that a large majority of speeding offences occur at the end of the working day  when vehicles are being driven back to the office or home.. “I’m sure we could have all guessed that this would be the case, I’d be amazed if it had been the other way round and people were speeding to get to work! But in all seriousness, these are peak times when roads are at their busiest – and without the information provided to us by RAM’s Speeding League we would have never been able to have such a significant reduction in speeding, speeding tickets, and obviously risk.  We are delighted with the changes we have been able to implement and I have no doubts we’ll continue to see improvements across the whole of our fleet.”

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