By RAM Tracking on 27 May 2020

As we start along with the roadmap to getting out of lockdown, and with key sectors such as manufacturing and construction being encouraged to get back to work, businesses are having to make swift changes to their systems and processes.

One of the big lessons from lockdown has been how much the spread of the virus was dependent on contact. We are more aware than ever about the need for good handwashing and the dangers of touching our face when out and about.

But contact with people and things is woven into the way our world operates. The challenge now is to unravel the contact, without weakening the structure of our businesses.

A new kind of hands-free?

Contactless deliveries are part of the new normal, with a knock on the door likely to reveal a parcel on the doorstep and a smiling driver standing several metres away rather than being close enough to hand it to you. Some shops have stopped accepting money, preferring contactless payments. And companies contemplating getting people back to work are having to map the minutiae of every process to reduce or eliminate contact.

But what could that mean?

If your team used to sign in to construction sites with a pen or perhaps using a thumbprint, that’s unlikely to continue to be the case.

If you used to expect your customers to use a pen to sign paperwork to accept delivery of materials, a replacement for this process will be needed.

If your sales team spend four days a week out on the road and then hot-desk a day a week in the office, you’ll need to think about how this can be safely managed as we’re urged not to share equipment where possible.

Hands-free will take on a new meaning as businesses try to get back up and running in a post-lockdown world.

Technology as the solution

If signing for delivery is no longer an option, how do you prove your consignments are delivered to the right place and on time? How can you prove your team was on site for the required amount of time if they can no longer sign in and out? And how can you demonstrate that emergency repair was made overnight if no one is willing to sign to agree it was?

Contactless technology is the most efficient way to deal with many of these problems. Our RAM Assist app – which we’re offering free for three months to help businesses get back up and running – offers a host of features to solve new contactless problems.

Your team can take geo-located photos of repairs they’ve made, add checkpoints to show a customer has accepted a delivery (complete with GPS location, time and date stamp) which also help you know what progress they are making with the day’s route, and take photos of receipts that need submitting for expenses, minimising the paperwork people come into contact with. It’s a pocket assistant for your people.  

If you just need a simple way to prove your people have been where they say they have, try our RAM Vehicle Tracking system. It tracks fleets remotely and allows you to prove a time of arrival/departure, with information available by logging in from anywhere. If it’s imperative you know where your team and vehicles are, but you can’t waste time calling them to check, it’s the perfect solution.

With cashflow even more critical as businesses start to recover and reshape to accommodate the new normal, click to do the maths on how our tools can help you save money.

Of if you’re ready to sign up now, give one of our friendly team a call on 0330 100 3622.

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