Did GPS Vehicle Tracking start the I.O.T (Internet of Things) Party?

Did GPS Vehicle Tracking start the I.O.T (Internet of Things) Party?

By RAM Tracking on 23 Mar 2017

Gordon Moore coined the now famous law ‘Moores Law’ in 1965 which observes the rate in which digital technology advances over time. Moore’s prediction states that the number of transistors per square inch on a chip or integrated circuit boards would double every year.

As the giants of the tech world continue to uphold Moore’s Law, we now see the reach of technology leaping away from occupying the confines of individual boards and chips and leaping into the boundless limits of the cloud. Cloud-computing allows for multiple server connectivity which increases remote computing capabilities by a higher order of magnitude.

With the current rate of growth and pioneering advances, even futurists with the wildest imaginations must struggle to foresee how the world will look and feel in 10 years from now. But one thing all futurists can bet on with confidence, will be the I.O.T revolution.

Internet of Things

Internet Of Things, is set to revolutionise our modern world all over again. Don’t worry, Skynet isn’t going to be online anytime soon so we’re not quite at the Terminator level just yet. Instead we can take a flavour of things to come from the existing and ‘coming soon’ technology that’s available or will be quicker than you can say Moore the merrier!

  • Running low on milk? Some refrigerators on the market now have built in connectivity to allow them to self-replenish grocery items online!
  • Need to run a bath whilst stuck in traffic? Just tap the app!
  • Want to record the next episode of your favourite soap… whilst in the car-wash? There’s an app for that too!

Perhaps you need to water the plants, whilst on the beach in Mexico... you get the idea.

In short, I.O.T allows us to communicate and interact with our physical world via the cloud.

GPS vehicle tracking technology could very well be one of the earliest forms of the I.O.T concept. The ability to remotely monitor and observe physical assets (vehicles) in the real world and in real time would have been classed as James Bond fantasy or sorcery and magic not so long ago. Many technologies have had to come together to make the idea of ‘vehicle tracking’ a reality and with the aid of the cloud, GPS fleet management technology is now a widely available tool for both businesses and consumers.

As we embark on this exciting adventure into all things connected, what can I.O.T offer fleet managers and business owners in the not so distant future? Well the think tank at RAM Tracking have been pondering this question and it’s lead us to some pretty interesting conclusions and development ideas. Of course, these are all top secret at this point, but we would love to hear your ideas on where you think Vehicle Tracking Technology can or should go in the next 5 years.

Feel free to tweet your ideas to @RAMtracking, comment on our Facebook Page, message us on LinkedIn, or email us at marketing@ramtracking.com – and remember “The best way to predict the future – is to invent it" - Alan Kay.

Scott Chesworth – Operations Director, RAM Tracking.


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