Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Tracking

Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Tracking

By RAM Tracking on 5 Dec 2012

DO make full use of the data available to you. The RAM system offers the customer a wide range of features and that is why we provide our customers with free training on how to make the most the system. From obtaining mileage reports to identifying congested areas on the map, we will show you how to personalise the programme to your individual needs, and even adapt the relevant settings to suit how you operate.

DON’T expect your employees to be immediately at ease with the changes, few of our customers have experienced negativity after having the trackers installed, but it is important to consider that some employees may feel concerned at the prospect of their vehicle being tracked, although as our client testimonials support, it tends to be those who have something to hide, who show resistance.

DO be upfront with your employees. Unless you plan to fit the trackers covertly it is important to share the fact that the trackers will be being installed with your workforce. If you inform them before the installation takes place they will feel as though their feelings are being considered and that they have the opportunity to ask questions, in turn this will help disperse any negativity associated with the tracking.

DON’T make the assumption that vehicle tracking systems are complicated to install or use. At RAM we make the process as simple as possible, we install the tracking unit at a location and time that suits you and we will ensure you receive all the training you need,  in order for you to use our programme to its full potential. Many people think that operating a tracking system will be complicated but here at RAM we have ensured that our programme is easy to use, as well as navigate, with everything you need available to you at click of a button. And if you should need any additional support, either your account manager or our customer care team are always on hand to help.

DO research the history of your tracking provider. It is important to invest in a well-established, reliable tracking company. It is not uncommon for businesses to sign up with providers who appear to be offering a low cost deal and a few months later the firm goes out of business, with the customer left without a product and having lost money. RAM has been trading for over 8 years and provides vehicle tracking solutions to over 3000 customers across the UK. We have a renowned reputation in the industry for our professionalism and high quality customer services and we have even received awards for our efforts.

DON’T assume tracking your fleet will be expensive. Vehicle tracking doesn’t have to be a huge cost to your business and here at RAM we offer a number of options to our customers. It is important to also consider the service you will receive from your provider in the price. At RAM we store data continuously, whereas some companies store data for as little as three months, others may even charge you for access after a certain time. At RAM your data is always available to access and there are no hidden charges. Tracking is an investment into the future development and productivity of your business and the return you will ultimately receive must also be considered. Many of our customers see a drastic reduction in fuel and overtime costs, as well as benefiting from a more productive workforce, the product is designed to save you money and help you manage your costs.

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