Employee’s Eye Health

Employee’s Eye Health

By RAM Tracking on 6 Dec 2012

According to road safety charity Brake, 1 in 6 drivers would supposedly fail an eyesight test, although it is the choice of the individual themselves or indeed their employer to ensure their eyesight is satisfactory before allowing themselves to drive.

New legislation is needed to make employees safer on Britain’s roads through the use of visionary testing, a recent survey carried out by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has revealed. Of the 200 businesses approached, not one agreed that it would change the way in which they already practise.

Laura Butler from Specsavers commented that, ‘this is something which Specsavers have been calling for over many years’,  claiming that employers are not likely to respond these suggestions, without legal enforcement, which is why ‘legislation must be put in place’.

With 58% of employers declaring they would only raise the priority of their drivers vision through eyecare testing, if the relevant legislation was brought in as a legal requirement. With 24% concerned with the additional costs which the business may incur as a result.

Specsavers believe it is ‘time to cut the excuses and start putting more emphasis on the importance of drivers actually being able to see clearly’.

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