Excellence in track and (out in the) field!

Excellence in track and (out in the) field!

By RAM Tracking on 28 Jul 2016

It’s been a busy summer so far – and the Olympics haven’t even got going yet. The Olympics are the biggest peace time mobilisation of people and so, with such a huge buzz coming out of Rio, it’s time to warm up for the Games ahead…

This is how we roll in Rio…

It’s been a long time since Beijing. London 2012 meant that the Games worked around our daily life. Rio is four hours behind the UK but, for global fleets, it’s almost impossible to work out the possible time differences and the impact they could have.

With RAM Tracking, you’ll be able to pinpoint your entire fleet in the blink of an eye. With a whole summer of sport to keep fans on their toes, it can be that little bit harder to get your people where they need to be. RAM Tracking traces and monitors your whole fleet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Not only can you see where your fleet is, you can see it from wherever in the crowd you are. The RAM Tracking system is totally 100% cloud based and it even has its own app which and means that you can quickly access the information need wherever you are on the planet. 

Time to dust off the stopwatch…

When something as exciting as the Olympics comes along, it’s important to team morale that you aren’t too heavy handed. However, seconds lost can add up to minutes or longer. With often more than one worker tied to a vehicle, time lost quickly multiplies and can begin to generate a real loss in terms of productivity.

RAM Tracking means that you can factually assess your losses and tackle them with meaningful data to back you up. Protecting and getting new jobs can be as simple as watching the pennies. We worked out that on average business can lose up to 45 minutes per day, costing you £31,200 per year, is this happens now, then what could happen across your fleet during the Olympic Games.

Going the extra mile…
…to watch the Games!

Private mileage is one of the greatest issues that a fleet manager will face. It’s a tough one to manage as fleet drivers can jump behind the wheel without thinking it through.
Keeping a lid on private usage is critical in terms of fuel consumption but it can be crippling when it comes to the tax man.  HMRC’s taxation laws on private mileage come with hefty fines. Make sure your fleet is as lean and efficient as the gold medal table with RAM Tracking.

Without realising it, they’ve made it to their friends in time for the starter’s gun, but without any thought for the fact that they have done it on company fuel. While their out of working hours, their actions still have an impact on the company’s bottom line.

Click here to download our latest HMRC guide to keep on top of the latest HMRC taxation laws.

Unlike the Rio Games 2016, you haven’t missed the boat. Make this year’s Olympics the start of your optimised fleet and leave the competition standing.

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