For all the Fleet Managers out there – 5 New Year’s Resolutions you can definitely keep

For all the Fleet Managers out there – 5 New Year’s Resolutions you can definitely keep

By RAM Tracking on 5 Jan 2016

Why is it that right after we’ve spent the last two weeks eating anything that’s wrapped in pastry, someone out there is asking us to become better people?

Here at RAM Tracking, we’re all for self-improvement, but we don’t see the point of making promises that you can’t keep. So, we’ve decided to create some epic New Year’s Resolutions that we’ll make sure you can keep. What a proposition!

If you’re already a RAM customer, you’ll know that we’ve spent over 10 years working with more than 3500 customers, tracking over 40,000 vehicles nationwide. If you’re new to RAM, you’ll be finding out all the great things we can do for you – whether it be providing your Fleet Managers with the vital stats they need or making sure that each and every vehicle is saving you money every week.

Here’s 5 resolutions that will surely make 2016 an even more successful business year for you.

#1 – I will spend more time with my team.

There’s simply no replacement for spending time with your team and getting to understand how they really operate. It’s the key to making those business-defining observations that get the big thumbs up in the board room. But even though you’re highly efficient even you, Fleet Manager Extraordinaire, can’t be everywhere at once.

How about a tracking system that means you can spread yourself across your entire fleet, assessing and analysing just how well your drivers are doing at any place and at any time? RAM Tracking does exactly that, so that you can get on with maintaining the excellent customer relationships you’ve worked so hard to develop.

We know that there are hundreds of reasons why your drivers may not be driving as effectively as they should be. With RAM Tracking, your daily summary shows clearly how each driver is driving and how active they are being – which in turn means that you can make sure the hours spent working are just that, and not eaten up by idling time.

#2 – I’m going to reduce the amount of time I spend on admin.

Oh yes – in 2016, RAM Tracking will reduce your driver analysis admin time to the bare minimum. You’ll get back valuable time to spend on what really counts – delivering a top notch fleet management strategy that keeps your fleet hitting their deadlines and working at their optimum level. 

We’ve created a 100% automated system that works intelligently to push key information to you. Not only will you get your daily report(s), but RAM Tracking will alert you immediately when your vehicles have been used out of hours, idling or even speeding. Imagine a world where the information that you really need is at your fingertips before you even know that you need it. Living the dream!

#3 – I will save more money 

You’re doing so much more than keeping the fleet on the road. You’re part of the core team who keep the company afloat and work towards increased revenue.

You have one of the toughest jobs in the company when it comes to bringing money in. Most of your role is concerned with outgoings. You spend money on fuel, vehicle purchase and vehicle maintenance and with few opportunities to recoup funds.

We are all about growth and we want the fleet managers we work with to be in a position to make their fleet work as hard as it needs to. That’s why it’s critical to us that we can demonstrate just how much money we’re working to save you every week. We can tell you that it’s an average of £71 per vehicle, per week – or, we can let you see for yourself.

Try our ‘Do The Maths’ Calculator:

There’s nothing like showing that your operations are cost-effective and that you’re playing your part in helping the company grow. Imagine what your team could do with re-investing that £71 (or thereabouts) back into the company.

#4 - I will increase the productivity of my workforce.

We can generate the figures to show just how fuel is being used by your drivers. Our reports show how many miles your drivers have done, which route they have taken and if they are driving in a way that uses up more fuel than you want them to. Daily reports will allow you to address expensive driving practises, meaning less trips to the petrol station and more time on the road.

#5 - I will make my fleet more eco-friendly.

There is nothing more important that playing your part in protecting the planet for future generations. That’s quite hard when you’ve got a busy schedule to deal with and the sad fact that your practices are often only green as long as deliveries are on time.

At RAM Tracking, we know that what you’d like to do and the time that you have to work with can be two very different things. Our reports convert vehicle usage and exceptions into CO2 output by grams. This means that you can not only work more efficiently to reduce your emissions, but you could even impact the amount of money that you pay in company car tax.

RAM can make you a leaner, greener fleet managing machine!