By RAM Tracking on 19 Sep 2018

Gough & Kelly is a premier provider of security products and services for the North of England. Established in 1988, their ethos is built upon making and maintaining excellent relationships amongst its clientele, so there’s no surprise that they want to invest in the best technology to help improve their efficiency, and in turn, maximise customer satisfaction. That’s why they invested in RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers to help increase their fleet management efficiency.

‘RAM Tracking's vehicle tracking solutions really helps ease the work load.’

Over the last 3 decades Gough & Kelly has grown rapidly, and with increasing demand comes an increasing need for effective business management, innovation and expertise. A loyal customer to RAM Tracking, Gough & Kelly started tracking their fleet with them back in 2011 with just 7 vehicles. Since then they’ve gone on to acquire more and more business, expanding their fleet size to 44 and turning to RAM Tracking as their chosen vehicle tracking provider as their business expands.

RAM Tracking spoke with Craig Weston, fleet manager at Gough & Kelly who said, ‘as an ever-expanding company, you would expect the pressure on the fleet manager to increase, but RAMs vehicle tracking really helps ease the work load as the demand on the business increases.’

‘It’s more than just tracking – it’s a management tool.’

Craig explained that as a 24-hour company, it’s vital that they always have access to their driver’s whereabouts at all times, and RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers not only provide this in an easy and efficient manner, but much more.

Craig said of our vehicle tracking software – ‘It’s more than just tracking, it’s a management tool. There are so many more added features that allow us to evaluate our fleet and make more efficient decisions.’

Some of the added features Craig has found particularly useful are the speed and mileage tracking reports.

‘The costs for private mileage would be much higher without RAM Tracking vehicle tracking.’

As with any business, cost savings is a vital consideration. One of the biggest cost saving benefits Craig has noticed within his team is on Private Mileage.

He believes that the costs for Private Mileage would be much higher if our vehicle trackers weren’t installed, as tracking Private Mileage reduces the number of journeys employees are making outside of working hours and claiming on business expense. It also eases the fleet managers job as it reduces driver false claims and debates about vehicle use out of work. In the event of a HM Revenue & Customs audit, they would also be able to accurately provide Private Mileage expenses.

‘RAM tracking has helped us improve our own customer service’

As the only UK vehicle tracking company to be accredited for ‘Exceptional’ customer service levels by Investor in Customers (IIC) and rated 5 stars on TrustPilot, we take pride in giving our customers the best experience possible from the very beginning.

Craig has experienced this exceptional customer service first-hand, stating ‘whenever I call RAM Tracking’s customer service team they’ve always spent as long as I need explaining everything in great detail with expertise and professionalism.’ He also expands on customer service saying how RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers have helped Gough & Kelly to provide more positive customer experiences. By providing more efficient planning, they’re able to reach customers in a more efficient and timely manner. Craig said this is particularly helpful to them as if there is ever an event where a rapid response is needed as ‘it allows you to quickly reassess drivers’ routes, so you can send the closest driver which avoids customer delays and dissatisfaction with our service.’

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