GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices

By RAM Tracking on 16 Sep 2016

GPS Tracking devices are a huge part of our everyday lives and in some case, we don’t even realise it! Some people don’t even know what GPS stands for – Global Positioning System. Although it is a bit of mouthful (hence the initials being used) it does just about sum up what it does.

The Origin of GPS Tracking Devices

Now this won’t come as a surprise to manyat the time, Ronald Reagan decided that it should be made available for civilians to use too. Although it was now available to everyone, there were some rules about how accurate the signals were allowed to be. Once these laws were changed, it opened up avenues that were never even considered applicable before.

Navigation using GPS

Although map reading was once considered a necessary skill, its rarely used anymore. Kids born in the 90’s will more than likely be clueless on the subject and this is down to the availability of GPS systems in technology. Whether you have a phone, tablet, computer and even wrist watch, you will more than likely not need a map to help you navigate somewhere.

Tracking Pets with GPS

Whether you need to track your adventurous cat or a conservation project is tracking an endangered species, GPS Tracking Devices can now be fitted in pets. They allow us to understand behaviour of animals and keep them safe too. Fitting a GPS Tracking Device is considered a must by many new pet owners.

Using GPS to Track People

There is GPS Technology out there that allows people to track other people. Now although you’re probably thinking ‘James Bond’, it is used most commonly with couples and putting minds at ease. It is also often used on children as a safety precaution.

GPS Tracking Devices in Sport

Whether its Hawkeye in Tennis or distance covered in football, the advancement of sports science now is incredible and the role it plays is more and more recognised. Even golf balls have GPS devices in them at the highest level. With Major Championships having winnings of Millions of Pounds, you can see why. A recent topic is Goal-Line Technology in football and this is all down to top end GPS Tracking Devices.

Tracking Criminals

GPS Tracking Devices are used on convicts who may be on parole or out on day release. It is useful for the police as they can check this against curfew times and see if a prisoner tries to run away whilst on day release. The GPS Technology used doesn’t have to be high end so this form of monitoring is cheaper for the police than paying an officer to watch over a convict all day.

Tracking in Healthcare

GPS can be used to monitor patients with conditions such as Dementia. This stops them going missing and getting into danger. It has been widely criticised by many but it does help out many nursing homes to keep tabs on patients.

GPS Tracking for Managing Your Fleet

This is a topic that we know quite a lot about! Here at RAM, we can save business with fleets loads of money and this is by using GPS Tracking. It allows Fleet Managers to keep tabs on where vans/lorries/company vehicles are. Here are some of the reasons our GPS Tracking Devices can save your business money:

  • you can ensure that your member of staff is taking the most efficient route to the customer (using our route planners). You can make sure staff members arrive on site on time too.
  • RAM prevents private mileage which in turn cuts down fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear
  • you can pick out which staff members break the speed limit and deal with them accordingly
  • Excessive Idling is cut down on which saves you fuel
  • RAM settles disputes with customers about time spent on projects and if a customer claims an employee was late then you have evidence to suggest otherwise.

GPS Tracking Devices have been in our lives for decades and the future is bound to be even brighter. Here at RAM, we are constantly looking at how we can improve features and make Fleet Management even easier. Why don’t you let us give you a free trial so you can see how we can save you money?

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