Has There Been a Better Time to Start Tracking Company Cars?

Has There Been a Better Time to Start Tracking Company Cars?

By RAM Tracking on 17 Mar 2017

More and more fleet managers are turning to company car tracking devices to help manage their fleet. Here at RAM, we believe that now is the perfect time to do so – here are three reasons why:

1)      Speeding penalty increases

It has been well publicised that speeding fines are increasing (have a look at our blog on this). Company car tracking is a great way to help prevent this within your business as you can see what speed drivers are travelling at. Even with the big fines aside, cutting down on speeding helps to reduce wear and tear on your vehicles whilst also burning through less fuel – not to mention preventing bad press from potential customers seeing your vehicles breaking the law.

2)      The days are getting longer

I am sure by now that you have noticed that it’s still light later in the evenings. This means plenty of companies can work longer in the day and more customers can be reached in the day. It is important you have the right tools in place to enable drivers to be as efficient as possible and our company car tracking device can help you do just that. RAM can plan the quickest routes and cost effective ones, saving you time and money.

3)      Fuel prices on the rise

With news that fuel prices hit the highest rate since late 2014, this is bad news for businesses with a fleet and can have a devastating effect on costs. Petrol is on average 21p more expensive per litre than it was this time last year. We worked out that our company car tracking device can save £71 per vehicle, per week which can offset against the rising price of fuel.

We are that confident that we can save your business money immediately that we offer a free trial so you can see for yourself!

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