By RAM Tracking on 2 Oct 2018

HFL Building Solutions is one of the UK's leading building services companies, specialising in providing ongoing maintenance solutions in business-critical scenarios. They have an enviable reputation for the reliable delivery of cost and energy efficient building management, operational and technical solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With such a stellar reputation, its vital to them to keep up-to-date with the latest systems and legislation to ensure impeccable service delivery at all times.

That said, when it came to managing their fleet, they were looking for a reliable and accurate vehicle tracking solution to help deliver their service promise. After doing some research they decided RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking solutions ‘ticked all the boxes’ for them. Here, we speak with David Saxton, Director at HFL Building Solutions, to gage how our tracking devices and software have helped improve their business efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

RAM Tracking: Why did you initially feel vehicle tracking was necessary for your fleet?

David: It was important for us to get a reliable tracking service as its almost a selling tool for us. Our clients expect and deserve efficient service and delivery and with RAM Tracking’s tracking solutions they’re confident that we can give them a reliable and accurate estimated time of arrival that our engineers will be with them.

RAM Tracking: Do you feel as though having vehicle tracking installed has improved the safety of your fleet?

David: I would say yes in terms of encouraging safer driving habits amongst the drivers especially when it comes to speeding.

RAM Tracking: What are the main benefits have you seen to your business since having tracking installed?

David: The main benefit of RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers is that we are able to see where our engineers are at any given time which helps dramatically when it comes to keeping our customers up to date with our driver’s whereabouts as we can locate the engineer as quickly as possible. It’s also helped us massively when it comes to private mileage reporting as the reporting feature makes us confident that we’re reporting this accurately. It also saves us time in admin as this is done automatically.

RAM Tracking: Did you shop around and consult and other vehicle tracking providers prior to choosing RAM Tracking? And if so how did you decided RAM tracking was the right company and product for you?

Yes, we shopped around and enquired with about 3 different tracking companies all around and for us, RAM Tracking just ticked all the boxes. RAM Tracking stood out as we were able to not only check our vehicle locations, but it also allows us to track private mileage use and accurately report this to HMRC. This makes us confident that the figures we’re providing are accurate.

RAM Tracking: Do you feel as through tracking your vehicles has helped you plan more efficient routing?

David: Most definitely. It’s helped us with our work planning and allows us to always send the closest engineer for the job which is particularly helpful if unforeseen circumstances were to occur.

RAM Tracking: Have you downloaded the RAM Tracking app? If so, what ways has the app helped in your day to day job?

David: Yes, it’s great for keeping an eye of the fleet when not at the desk. I’ve often been in meetings and I’ve had to double check something quickly or show the team and I can just pop on the app which is great.

RAM Tracking: Can you describe the RAM Tracking product and service you have received in 3 words?

David: I would say, reliable, consistent and detailed.

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