By RAM Tracking on 24 Oct 2018

We are all aware that safety for a fleet of vehicles and their drivers is of heightened importance to a fleet manager. By ensuring safety of vehicles, fleet managers can potentially see reductions in insurance premiums and an increase in employee satisfaction. There are many obvious ways to protect your vehicles from steering locks to vehicle trackers. However, many people aren’t aware of the safety improvements that dash cams can bring with them.

It may not be apparent when first thinking about a dash cam and its capabilities, that improving vehicle security would be up there with its top function. However many dash cam users have noticed that since having dash cams installed, many benefits have appeared that they didn't originally anticipate.

The increased safety aspect of a safe dash cams comes from the ability to deter thieves, the ability for the fleet manager to view the road ahead of the driver and to deter them from potential incidents and finally the presence of the camera can help improve driver behaviour.

How can dash cams deter thieves?

It may seem like an odd concept that a camera on a car or van could stop someone stealing or vandalising your vehicle but the warning of surveillance and the potential that the authorities can be alerted to, is often enough to put a would-be thief off. For customers who own specialised and customised vehicles (often at expense), a dash cam is just an extra layer of protection – especially if their vehicle also houses equipment and tools.

How can dash cams improve driver behaviour?

We all have those times where we may drive a little faster and make risiker decisions on the road because we’re running late, fed up behind a slow driver, or simply want to get to the destination faster.

You may not be aware that these types of driver exist in your fleet of vehicles, but through the presence of dash cams within the vehicle you can ensure a safer driving environment and reduce the risk of speeding fines or driving bans. A deterrent to the would-be speeder, dash cams are not only an effective preventative tool but they can also be used to educate drivers on improving their decision making and driving ability. Many dash cams also have built-in features to alert drivers of speed cameras ahead.

What features does RAM Live include to improve safety on the vehicle?

  • Night Vision
    Provides clear footage is available for evidence purposes both day and night to ensure vision of the surrounding area day or night. 

  • GPS tracking
    Allows fleet managers and insurance brokers to know the exact location and speed of your vehicles – which can prove especially useful when contesting speeding tickets or appropriating blame after an accident.

  • Ultra-wide 150 degree viewing angle
    Ensures you receive a full view of the road in front and around the vehicle.

  • Parking Mode
    When the vehicle is unattended the camera can be switched to parking mode to ensure that if any vandalism or theft occurs to the vehicle, the camera has full video footage which can be sent to insurance companies should they require evidence for a claim.

You can find out more about our business dash cams and how they can improve fleet safety and reduce costs by visiting our dash cam page here.

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