By RAM Tracking on 7 Mar 2019

Proof of delivery

Depending on your business type, a driver may be accountable for multiple stops throughout the day to ensure that separate deliveries are performed in a timely manner. However, there may be times when customers or clients may say that an item wasn’t delivered, or the agreement wasn’t adhered to when it came to the time of delivery. A vehicle tracking system enables a driver, and the company to provide a proof of delivery. A vehicle tracker can ensure that a time is given as to when a vehicle arrived at the specified location. Proof of delivery means that the work has been carried out, protecting the driver and the company.

Proof of whereabouts

It’s important for a business to be able to provide the whereabouts of their vehicles. Decades ago that wouldn’t have been possible. Once a vehicle left the depot you wouldn’t see it again until the vehicle deliveries or job had been completed. Thanks to the advancement of technology, and the introduction of vehicle tracking systems, you can now prove the whereabouts of a vehicle at any given time. Again, this can be an excellent way for a driver or a company to provide proof of work, if ever needed to.

Proof of driver accountability

While it may feel strange for a driver to feel the need to prove their work, a company also needs to be in a position to provide it any given time. A vehicle tracking system can help a flate manager do that, while also helping a driver to become more accountable for the work they are doing. They can monitor their speed, ensure that their routes are planned effectively, enabling them to complete the work tasks or the deliveries that has been set.

Ensuring safety and security

The safety and security of the drivers and the vehicles is paramount for the fleet manager and company. A vehicle tracking system can be a great way to ensure that you can provide location and timings.

Enabling a better balance of workload

A vehicle tracking system can enable a fleet manager to ensure that deliveries and workload is better balanced throughout the fleet and driver workforce. This essentially helps a driver and a company to adhere to workload and stay within their commitments of delivery times and days. Ensuring that again proof of work can be provided at all times.

Proof of service

Finally, there may be incidents where a customer companies about a delivery time, or someone states that an engineer has been there completing a job for too long, or even too short a time. A vehicle tracking system will ensure that the time a vehicle was stationary at a destination provides proof that the work and service carried out was right. 

To learn more about vehicle trackers and how they can be used for demonstrating proof of work speak to us directly or take a read of a relevant case study about proof of work.

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