How does the summer holidays impact fleet management?

How does the summer holidays impact fleet management?

By RAM Tracking on 23 Aug 2018


Less mileage

Our findings show that although there was only a minor drop of 1% less vehicles on the roads during the school holiday period, this equates to 33% less kilometres driven during this whole period - that’s 22% less kilometres per day!

This suggests that this small drop in traffic in allowing traffic to flow more freely meaning less idling, less diversion and less time sitting in traffic jams - all of which are massive contributors to unnecessary mileage.  


Greater efficiency

It’s important for fleet and operational managers, to take account how the summer holiday driving experience could affect their enterprise and overall efficiency. From this you can make suitable adjustments to ensure maximum benefit during this time.

While less vehicles on the road means less chance of delay in reaching customers – and in effect contribute to a positive customer experience - you can also use the extra time effectively in other ways during this period.


How can your business benefit from vehicle tracking?

Chris McClellan, CEO here at RAM Tracking, said:

“Remaining solvent and successful is becoming more and more challenging for UK businesses, as competition and political uncertainty ramp up. The way that businesses have looked to make efficiencies around both time and money is in direct reaction to this, demonstrating the agility and resilience of UK enterprise.

“However, without guidance or any indication of where these efficiencies could be driven, businesses will remain in the dark. The data above confirms that the time that is freed up as a result of less vehicles being on the road, provides businesses with the argument that they need to think more strategically about their hours of travel.

"Our vehicle tracking customers can already see the benefits and can use technology to identify faster routes and times of day. By tracking their entire fleet, they are now in a position to identify the best routes at any given time and dispatch their vehicles with greater efficiency and speed.”

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