How GPS Tracking Devices could save you in a zombie apocalypse

How GPS Tracking Devices could save you in a zombie apocalypse

By RAM Tracking on 21 Oct 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about how GPS tracking devices could seriously improve your chances of survival during a zombie apocalypse.

Track your group

When the virus hits and zombies start appearing, it is important to stay in a group. From time to time, the group may split up to make resource runs. Vehicle tracking devices can allow you to see where your group goes, so if they run into trouble with the undead, you can send help to them. If you need to split up to move to a different location, you can track where everybody is. Never lose your group during a zombie apocalypse!

Monitor stop time

GPS tracking devices allow you to view vehicle stop time and idling. This would be very useful in a zombie apocalypse as you can see when your vehicles have stopped or if they are idling. This could mean that they’ve been surrounded by zombies and need your help. You can use the GPS tracking to pin point their location and find the quickest route to get to them.

Save fuel

When the world as we know it comes to an end, saving resources is going to become paramount, especially fuel. GPS tracking devices can save you fuel by cutting down on idling time (you can track who is doing the most) and also connecting to online mapping software which will show you the quickest route and if there is congestion (a large group of zombies blocking the road).

Find your nearest vehicle

GPS tracking can allow you to find your nearest vehicle. This would be useful in a zombie apocalypse, as you can locate members of your group at the click of a button. If they’re being ambushed by zombies, you can easily pinpoint their location and help them. It would also be useful if you’re trying to escape a dangerous situation and need to find your nearest mode of escape.

Get your vehicles tracked now before the virus spreads! Happy Halloween from all of us at RAM Tracking.

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