By RAM Tracking on 31 Oct 2022

How Hauliers Fleet Tracking Improves Business Operations?

Businesses of all types depend on the haulage industry to deliver products worldwide. Customers' demand for fast delivery times, especially during and after the pandemic, has led to the boom of eCommerce and these eCommerce companies heavily depend on haulers to ensure that goods reach customers on time and in proper condition.

Whilst haulage companies have to look after the movement and storage of goods, they also have to plan, schedule, and control the transportation of goods. Other challenges, like lack of drivers, rising fuel costs, and high transportation costs, further create difficulties in running efficient operations.

This is because if deliveries are late or never show up, companies are bound to receive poor customer satisfaction ratings and lose business. What haulage service providers need is a robust and agile system that addresses multiple business headaches and cost-effectively transports goods from one point to the other. A full hauliers fleet tracking system helps control daily operations and real-time job planning and execution, empowering the highest efficiency and customer service.

Scheduling Trips

Scheduling trips is one of the critical jobs of a haulage manager, as the day's workflow depends on how well you plan trips. Improper scheduling can either cause delayed deliveries or miss a shipment, resulting in a loss of revenue. Hence, they need to plan the day effectively to get the job done and meet the increasing demands of clients.

Haulier time tracking helps companies plan trips ahead of time, considering haulers' availability and location and assigning jobs accordingly. Hauliers’ tracker uses a centralised system to assign jobs and monitor the progress of trips in real-time. Further, taking the time to optimise routes means that your mobile workforce takes less time to reach the destination, meaning less mileage, reducing fuel costs and vehicle maintenance expenses. Additionally, managers can manage any rush jobs effectively by dispatching the nearest hauler to the starting point, prioritising trips, and getting more jobs done.

Real-time Tracking

Along with scheduling, haulage managers also need to be updated about the status of each trip and consignment. They cannot make several calls a day to track vehicles and note their whereabouts as it wastes a lot of time and can risk drivers' safety. Thanks to haulage vehicle tracking, companies can keep track of vehicles and monitor staff on the field in real-time. They can instantly communicate necessary job details or assign upcoming tasks without hampering their productivity.

On-road teams can access all information from the job management mobile app and update job progress. Hauliers' labour tracking can monitor your mobile fleet's driving behaviour and notify managers of the fleet’s real-time location, speed, if they are braking too harshly, cornering, etc. This way, companies can analyse the time spent on roads, save fuel expenses, address issues quickly, and increase the staff's productivity. Monitoring them and their job progress in real-time gives managers an upper hand in job scheduling and allocation. Our haulier's cost-tracking feature has helped logistics companies achieve a 15% reduction in fuel costs.

Asset Tracking

Several organisations transport their goods from one country to another using different transportation commutes. Hence, they must keep track of their shipments and also ensure that goods are in proper condition. It is challenging to rely on spreadsheets to track hundreds of shipments, as one wrong data input can hamper employees' productivity.

Asset tracking for hauliers helps get rid of manual systems and ensures that you stay updated with the progress of each shipment in real-time. Managers can save a lot of valuable time by monitoring the status of the consignment as they are notified of any discrepancies and can deal with any shortcomings quickly. Using RAM Tracking for Hauliers' asset tracking lets you focus on strategic decision-making, to get more jobs done daily, ensure goods reach customers timely and efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Admin and Improve Communication

Haulage staff are always on the road or maybe travelling from one country to another. Having said that, the staff has to maintain different paperwork from work orders, clearances, invoices, etc., making record-keeping a big challenge. Moreover, erroneous paperwork can result in misplaced consignments, delayed shipments, or customer deliveries. 

Haulier plant tracking creates and stores documents digitally in a centralised system for everyone to easily access them. Additionally, a hauliers' tracker automates invoice creation and generation, saving time and money spent on admin and paperwork. By tracking hauliers' workers you seamlessly connect the on-road staff with the main office and improve communication. It helps to reduce blunders and delays, shipments will arrive on time, and increase customer satisfaction by letting them know exactly when they will receive their order.

Inventory and Job Management

Hauliers' productivity tracking gives you complete supply chain visibility. With better visibility, haulage companies can better manage their inventory as they can receive real-time data for all orders. Tracking haulers, vehicles, inbound and outbound sales, and documents from a single dashboard helps avoid inventory shortages, reduce human errors, and better control business operations.

Our job management software for haulers provides the flexibility to know real-time usage and freight capacity, helping companies manage and run transport operations without hindrances.

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