How lorry drivers can fit more into the working day with GPS tracking

How lorry drivers can fit more into the working day with GPS tracking

By RAM Tracking on 27 Oct 2016

We are well and truly on our way into winter; with night’s drawing in and the air getting ever cooler, there has never been a better time to have your lorries tracked. Here are a number of business benefits for GPS lorry tracking:


Using GPS tracking can increase the productivity of drivers; as you can be strict with timings of jobs. With the days getting shorter, you will be able to fit more work into the day. Which is great for your business, as more work means more profit. Barry Proctor, Director at Barry Proctor (BP) Service’s claims that “previously time consuming tasks now take seconds” using the RAM Tracking software.

Re-route lost drivers

GPS tracking allows you to locate your driver’s whereabouts. If, for instance, your drivers go a little off track, it is possible for you to re-route them. This is a much quicker option than the driver having to find somewhere to stop and re-route himself. Saving time on re-routing drivers will mean fitting more jobs into the day. David Morgan, General Manager at CHEP UK Ltd stated that before using the RAM Tracking system, he would “make at least 10 calls a day to different drivers in an attempt to locate them.” He now doesn’t need to do this, as he can “see in a matter of seconds, where they are.”

Fuel consumption

As you will know, fuel is a massive expense for lorries; GPS tracking allows you to keep an eye on driver’s fuel consumption. You can see where you’re losing money, for instance idling, private mileage, speeding and which drivers are using the longest route. You can then use this information to become more efficient. Having this data can save your lorries time, as you can schedule fuel fill-ups. Saving money on fuel could mean putting it into other resources and perhaps expanding your company. Judith Fahey, fleet manager at JML, commented that they saw “a 15% drop in fuel expenditure” after having the RAM Tracking system installed on their entire fleet.


You have full visibility of your lorries, which means you can let clients know how far away they are at the click of a button. This will save you time instead of calling up your driver’s every time a client wonders how long they will be. Another business benefit of GPS lorry tracking is that it will save you time on administration work. It allows you accountability of your lorries; you can back up invoices and offer evidence of work with ease.


With the weather turning cooler, the roads become more dangerous. Speeding may get the job done quicker, but the wear and tear on your lorries will be costly and may mean taking them off the roads for a while. With GPS tracking you can monitor speeding, and encourage your drivers to become more economical with their driving. This will save you time in the long run and mean that your lorry drivers can squeeze more into their working days.

There are many business benefits of GPS lorry tracking, which will mean your drivers can fit more work into the day, especially during the winter months. If you want to read more of our customer testimonials, you can find them on our case studies page. 

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