By RAM Tracking on 24 Feb 2017

When it comes to managing a business in today’s economic climate, outgoing costs need to be justified with instant rewards. Whether its saving money, becoming more efficient or improving customer service, your fleet will see the benefits of using RAM straight away.  Here are three ways that we can improve your Fleet Management instantly.


RAM can help your fleet become more productive straight away. Our system ensures that drivers are taking the most cost-effective route. Not only does this mean you save money on fuel costs but it also means your driver will more than likely be with the customer quicker. You will also become more efficient in the admin department too. Our Fleet Management system reduces paperwork for drivers to complete and you will have all driver’s stats on an easy to use platform, whenever you want them.


Our Fleet Management system tracks drivers speeds, meaning if they are breaking the law, you will know about it. Have a look at last week’s blog to see how this can help your business in several different ways. Also, customer disputes can be easily settled. If a problematic customer is refusing to pay over claims a driver was late, you have the facts to back up your argument - This should lead to fewer bad debts.

Improved Customer Service

We can help your business improve its customer service in various ways. Our Fleet Management system allows you to be transparent with customers with arrival times. If a driver is running late, you can see this and warn the customer in advance without the risk of the driver using their mobile when driving. Also, our system may allow you to fit in more jobs in for the day which also improves efficiency and ultimately, profit.

These are just three ways that our Fleet Management system can help your business grow, both long term and short term. Why don’t you get a free quote today and see how much you could save?

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