How to incentivise employees using vehicle tracking

How to incentivise employees using vehicle tracking

By RAM Tracking on 28 Feb 2013

After making the decision that vehicle tracking is for you, it is vital to ensure your workforce feel at ease with the introduction of the tracking devices into the business. It is important that employees understand the reasoning behind the change and that the system itself has been installed to benefit everyone within the organisation, as well as the incentives to them individually:

Increased Driver Protection - If the driver is conscious that they are being monitored by management they will automatically reduce their speed, meaning the chances of an accident occurring is far lower. In addition to this the tracking system can provide unquestionable proof as to the whereabouts of the fleet, protecting the driver against any false claims. Some of our clients have used our historical reports to trace their vehicles movements and speed in relation to a false speeding claim and have successful proved their innocence.

Heightened Vehicle Security - Not only will a tracking device drastically increase the security of your employees but also the vehicle and its contents. Recently one of our customers had a vehicle in their fleet stolen, although by using the RAM system, were able to inform the police of the location of the vehicle and it was recovered in just 10 minutes.

Time Efficiency - For tax reasons, employees using a car or van for business purposes are required to complete a mileage log, although with the RAM system can automatically record this information, therefore saving your employees valuable time. In addition to the mileage report the system can also produce time sheets, again reducing the time spent on paperwork.

Improved Customer Satisfaction - The RAM system has been proven to drastically enhance the communication between the workforce and customers. It is not uncommon for clients to request information regarding the exact time the employees arrived on and left the site, with RAMs programme you can respond to such requests quickly with great accuracy and detail. Good communication is an excellent example of customer service and with the client feeling well informed, they will be content with the level of service they are receiving.

Reward and Recognition - Tracking can be used by management as a strong motivational tool, allowing management to monitor the performance of their fleet. Many of RAMs customers have introduced incentive schemes as a result of having the access to such information, meaning employees feel encouraged to work to the best of their ability with the reassure that their efforts will be recognised. This will naturally lead to increased team morale and happy and content employees, making for a better working environment.

Tracking is designed to make the working life of employees easier, offering safety, security and enabling increased efficiency and ease of communication. These factors will act as intrinsic motivators, costing the business nothing but allowing the employee to take further pride in their job role, enjoy what they do and feel assured their efforts will be recognised, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

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