How to Make Your Staff Fall in Love With Our Fleet Tracking System

How to Make Your Staff Fall in Love With Our Fleet Tracking System

By RAM Tracking on 3 Feb 2017

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the season of love is well and truly upon us. Here at RAM, we know how much fleet managers love our fleet tracking system but how can you get your staff to fall in love with it too? Here are some benefits to your staff that will keep them motivated and help to drive your business to reach its goals -

Reward Safer Drivers

For fleet managers, one of the biggest problems they face is ensuring staff don’t break any speed limits when driving company vehicles. Our Fleet Tracking System monitors the speed at which tracked vehicles drive meaning that if an employee is speeding, you know about it. One way to encourage staff to obey speed limits is to offer rewards to drivers who don’t exceed the limit. Speeding results in a higher risk of damage to your vehicles so a small bonus to employees could be worth it. Not to mention the savings on speeding fines!

Minimise Paperwork

One huge benefit of RAM to company vehicle drivers is that the amount of paperwork is reduced. Drivers no longer have to record what time they arrived on site and how long they spent there as our Fleet Tracking System records it all automatically. RAM also records the mileage its taken to reach the site meaning drivers have another thing they don’t have to worry about tracking.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When giving a client a driver arrival time, we often don’t consider traffic jams and road closures. This can lead to a driver being late without much prior warning to the client. With our Fleet Management System, you can see when a driver is running behind and let the client know. This gives drivers piece of mind knowing that the client wil be expecting them to arrive later.

Couple a driver reward scheme with some of the other key benefits and your employees will most definitely fall in love with RAM. If you’d like to find any other benefits that our Fleet Management System offers to employees, take a look at our FAQ’s page on our website.

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