How to manage your fleet with drivers speeding in company cars

How to manage your fleet with drivers speeding in company cars

By RAM Tracking on 18 Oct 2016

New research figures from RAC Business  show that 88% of company car drivers admit to speeding on motorways. This is a figure that has actually increased since last year by 7%. The majority of these people admitted to breaking the limit regularly, this is nearly double the percentage of private motorists who admitted to going over the speed limit often. A worrying 7% of company car drivers actually admitted to driving at 90mph.

What Are the Effects of Speeding for Your Business?

Although these speeding figures are quite scary – what do they mean for your business and your fleet? Well for start, driving at 80mph can use over 20% more fuel than you do when you drive at 70mph. This is obviously costing your business more money which is bad news, especially with the price of petrol and diesel currently increasing. The problem is that, according to the RAC, it only saves six seconds per mile. So essentially, employees are risking the reputation of a business, their own careers and using over 20% more fuel for a 6 second time saving.

How Can You Stop Company Car Drivers from Speeding?

There are a few things that fleet managers and business owners can do to stop employees breaking the speed limit. Here at RAM, we think a different approach is even better. Our GPS Tracking system allows fleet managers to see where company vehicles are at all times and they can even track the speed that drivers are going at. This means that if a company car driver is speeding, you will know about it. You can then choose how you deal with this in the future via a fine or other means.

We offer a free trial so why don’t you see how we can help you and your business save money? We save the average company around £71 per vehicle*, per week so get in touch and give us a try. What do you have to lose?


*Statistics taken from businesses that used the “Do The Maths” calculator

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