How to pick the right breakdown and recovery provider for your business

How to pick the right breakdown and recovery provider for your business

By RAM Tracking on 9 May 2018

The consideration for the right breakdown and recovery provider for a business often leads fleet managers and owners to lean toward some of the largest, or visually prominent providers, such as AA or RAC.  It is clear to see why these are most often in focus by business fleets and may be a good option for your business, as they both have their own fleet of recovery drivers and vehicles. It is critical to take into account the less-well-known players in the field, as well though, as they may be even more competitive and provide a unique set of characteristics that meet your business needs for your personalised fleet. 

There are alternatives to the major breakdown providers, but the first question that should normally be asked is whether a smaller organisation can offer the level of cover that is needed to ensure optimal performance on a consistent basis for your given fleet.  Many smaller providers can use relationships with local recovery services to offer nationwide cover for business fleets by contracting their business to localized services based on the need for a business.  The partnerships and contracts seen with the smaller level breakdown providers can potentially offer the benefit of reaching the location of a breakdown within an efficient timeframe, whereas larger nationwide breakdown companies may have elevated wait times before your business is taken care of. 

Smaller breakdown providers also enable the ability to provide more flexible and personal service as compared to the larger counterparts.  Flexibility and personal levels of service can become exponentially important to a growing business fleet, as various needs may not fit directly in line with the black and white borders developed by larger breakdown providers. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, memberships to larger breakdown providers, such as AA memberships, provide access to one of the largest teams in the UK with highly trained, skilled patrols, that are waiting to take a call from your business fleet at any time.  Memberships to larger breakdown providers can also provide the ability to do most maintenance requests directly on the roadside, rather than having to transport a vehicle elsewhere to be put back into working order.  Unfortunately, there will not be much room to be flexible as the cost of membership and cover is designed on a fixed rate for the larger providers, but the benefit of a well-known and established brand may outweigh the potential inflexibility or costs incurred initially. 

In picking the right breakdown and recovery provider for your business, first, determine what level of flexibility you need in alignment with your business needs, then go from that point forward to help determine the options provided from both large and small providers that will meet the unique needs portrayed by your organisation.  

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