How to protect productivity post-lockdown

How to protect productivity post-lockdown

How to protect productivity post-lockdown

By RAM Tracking on 4 Jun 2020

With the green shoots of a change to the current lockdown rules appearing, many companies will be considering how to get their teams back up to pre-lockdown levels of productivity.

Although the current plan from Government is that people should still work from home if they can, people who cannot work from home are being encouraged to go back to work where it’s safe to do so.

Here at RAM Tracking, we sent home our entire team – across two continents – in an afternoon in the week before lockdown. All of our systems are cloud-based, so it was relatively straight-forward to get everyone home and working again without any disruption to clients.

But what if your business is made up of field-based teams as well as people mainly working at laptops/PCs? How can technology help your people feel confident when returning to work?

Using technology to support a post-lockdown return to work

The three major issues our clients tell us they are likely to be facing when considering getting their teams back to work in a post-lockdown world are:

  • Will our equipment and vehicles be safe to use, and what checks do we need to carry out?
  • What changes do we need to make to working practices?
  • How do we know that people will be productive?

In a world where we’re unlikely to be getting together for team meetings for quite some time, technology has to play a part in helping us prepare to return to work. But how can it address the specific issues our clients are facing?

Checking vehicles are suitable for use after lockdown

The HSE has produced a guide to thorough examination and testing of lifting and pressure plant and equipment during the coronavirus outbreak. But what if you have a fleet of less-specialist vehicles and need to be sure they are road-worthy when your team is ready to get back out?

The legal responsibility for vehicles being road-worthy lies with the owner, not the driver, so it’s imperative you have a way of ensuring the relevant checks are carried out.

Our RAM Assist app – which is currently free for three months – has a checklist which prompts the driver to carry out the checks needed before they use a fleet vehicle. Things like tyre pressures, oil and water levels all appear on a simple-to-use screen with tick boxes to demonstrate they have been carried out.

The system allows you to generate your own custom list of checks. We’ve found customers are creating their own lists for when team members and vehicles return to normal duties. Many customers are also using the checklist to allow even those furloughed staff to take care of their company vehicles.

To sign up for your free trial, just give us a call on 0330 100 3622.

Changes to working practices

In another blog, we explored the impact of the need to maintain social distancing and contactless solutions for things that have previously needed contact.

Signing for deliveries used to be the norm. While technology had made the pen, paper and clipboard redundant, replacing them with hand-held terminals and attempting to sign with a finger, we now need to move away from this solution too. So how will you be able to prove that delivery has been made, or the repair completed in the required timeframe?

RAM Assist also contains features that will help you gather evidence of performance and that you’ve met the criteria set out in your contracts.

Maintaining productivity

So much of people’s productivity is wrapped up in how they feel – is their working environment good enough? Do they feel safe to be there? Do they feel valued by their company?

Here at RAM, we have been careful to help our teams maintain some social contact with one another – Friday night drinks via Zoom have made sure we still feel connected, and team meetings and less formal check-ins now take place by video call too. That’s easy to do for people who are now home-based, but it’s trickier to keep track of people who need to be out and about either on the road or on-site.

Many businesses will be making tough choices about which team members to leave on furlough – or even make redundant if the scheme comes to an end – and which to bring back to work. How will you keep track of your people’s hours and working patterns – especially as the Government is asking employers to look at staggering shifts to help maintain social distancing?

We built RAM Tracking to provide an easy way to know where your vehicles are in real-time. It’s cloud-based, so you can log in from anywhere to see where your team are. Customisable reports allow you to track your team’s performance as well as provide information to clients and verify timesheets.

Our intelligent system allows you to get the most out of your fleet – our 6,500 customers have reported productivity increases of 10-20% after installing our technology. You can plan the most efficient routes, help drivers if they are lost, and even keep tabs on whether drivers are idling more than they should be.

With cash even more important than ever as we try to get businesses back up and running, why not use our tool to do the maths on the savings you could make by using RAM Tracking? Or if you’re ready to discuss it in more detail and sign up now, give us a call on 0330 100 3622.

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