How to Stay Safe in Your Vehicle in the Summer

How to Stay Safe in Your Vehicle in the Summer

By RAM Tracking on 26 Jun 2018


With the hottest summer since 1976 on the horizon it is important to understand the impact the heat can have on your vehicle and the roads you’re driving on. Many drivers are not made aware of the risk that can potentially occur when the heat increases; these include roads melting creating deep pot holes and sticky surfaces. Furthermore, the precautions needed to be taken prior to driving in the heat weather include:

Changing oil: When an engine is fully running it need as much lubricant as possible. Make sure the oil in the car is topped up and changed throughout the summer months this will benefit the car and enhance the performance.

Fuel: When the weather is hot fuel in the tank evaporates quicker than it does in a cold one. To avoid losing fuel quicker, ensure your car is parked in a shaded area. Moreover, there is a heighted risk of the fuel tank exploding when the engine is full due to the expansion of the tank. To avoid this, fill the tank half full to allow room for expansion.

Coolant: Coolant is vital in the car when the weather is hot, it ensures the engine does not overheat. Keep checking the coolant level throughout the summer season.

Tyres: Car tyres due to being made of rubber can seriously disintegrate in hot temperatures and even more so if the tyre is of the wrong pressure. Heat can cause them to dry out and lead to a blow-out.

Battery: Your car battery being composed of acid and water when the weather is hot the water evaporates leaving the lead plates exposed. This means that when the weather returns cool again the battery may not have enough charge to run your car.


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