How vehicle trackers stop your business expenses from burning out of control

How vehicle trackers stop your business expenses from burning out of control

By RAM Tracking on 4 Nov 2016

“Remember,remember the fifth of November”, Bonfire Night is fast approaching, have you thought about how many costs your business is actually burning away: like fuel, excessive idling and unnecessary private mileage that vehicle trackers can easily take care of?

Fuel consumption can put a financial strain on most businesses. With RAM’s vehicle trackers, you can focus on driver’s fuel consumption. For instance, our reports allow you to track things like:

  • Your drivers route, you can see who is driving efficiently and ensure that they are taking the most time/cost efficient routes
  • Speeding and harsh braking can use up fuel, as well as put wear and tear on vehicles
  • Idling burns through a large amount fuel
  • Don’t feel the heat from the HMRC, keep tabs on your vehicles private mileage helping you avoid nasty penalties

Light up your fleet’s productivity. Many of our customers have commented on the fact that using RAM Tracking has improved the productivity of their drivers. You can be strict with driver’s timings as well as rapid response. RAM’s vehicle trackers allow you to locate the nearest vehicle to a job. The more work that can be fitted into the day, the more profits for your business.

Instead of burning your business expenses, RAM’s vehicle trackers will spark productivity, as well as save you vital time that you can reinvest back into your business. We hope you all enjoy Bonfire Night and stay safe!

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