How vehicle tracking devices can help you to make your Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week 2016

How vehicle tracking devices can help you to make your Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week 2016

By RAM Tracking on 11 Nov 2016

Road Safety Week is run by a charity called Brake, who works to prevent road death and injury, make streets and communities safer and support the victims of road crashes. Road Safety Week aims to motivate people to act on road safety and promote lifesaving messages during the week. Their campaign is calling for people to sign a pledge which calls for them to drive less, and if they do, to do everything they can to protect themselves and others around them. Vehicle tracking devices can help you to make your Brake Pledge:

Slow: Stick to speed limits, slow down near schools, homes and shops to protect others, slow down for bends, brows and bad weather.

Vehicle tracking devices can be used to monitor a driver’s speed. The RAM system can produce speeding reports, which means you can identify speeding trends of your drivers. Some companies use this to offer an incentive for those who aren’t speeding.

Sober: Never driver after drinking or taking drugs.

RAM Tracking means you have complete visibility of your fleet; you can see their whereabouts in real-time or by viewing the historical reports. If your vehicle is sat for long periods of time, perhaps in unknown areas, you will be able to see and perhaps question your driver(s).

Secure: Ensure everyone in the car wears a seatbelt and the vehicle is safe and properly maintained.

The RAM system will send email alerts when your vehicles need an MOT or service. This way your vehicles will always be up to date and well maintained. Ensuring that they are always road-worthy and compliant.

Silent: Never answer/make calls or read/text whilst driving.

You won’t need to call drivers to find out their ETAs or whereabouts, as this information is available live at the click of a button with vehicle tracking devices. You also see when they leave their house; if you have any important information for them, you can call them before they start driving, or while they’re out and about using a hands-free system.

Sharp: Stay focussed on safe driving, take regular breaks and never drive if tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving.

Long distance drivers are required, by law, to only drive for 270 minutes before taking a 45-minute break. An alert can be set up on the RAM system called the “Fatigue” Alert, which will let you/your transport manager know when drivers need to stop for their scheduled breaks. You can contact your drivers to make sure they will take regular breaks.

Sustainable: Minimise the amount of driving, or if you do, drive more efficiently.

RAMs vehicle tracking devices can be used to find more efficient routes; it connects with online mapping software that can highlight traffic-heavy areas. The system can also produce idling reports; you can see how long drivers are idling for; which wastes valuable fuel and produces harmful pollutants. You can use these reports to monitor these driving habits and encourage your drivers to be more efficient in their driving.

Road safety is important all year round; this week aims to raise awareness. Vehicle tracking devices can help to make your vehicles and drivers safer, by monitoring habits such as speeding, idling, texting/calling and sending you maintenance reminders. Make your Brake Pledge today:


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