Is there anything wrong with a business wanting to monitor its vehicles?

Is there anything wrong with a business wanting to monitor its vehicles?

By RAM Tracking on 9 Nov 2012

Some individuals have a negative view point of vehicle tracking as being a spy tool or ‘big brother’ style monitoring system. Is there really anything wrong with a business wanting to monitor its vehicles? Or ensuring that your employees are where they should be and behaving in a way in which you would expect?  

There is common misconception that tracking your vehicles is a way of attempting to catch your workforce, although this is in fact rarely the case, but obviously it will naturally act as a deterrent for bad behaviour if necessary. The mere fact that a business chooses to install tracking does not mean they do not trust their staff or even for that matter have no respect for their privacy. Tracking is actually designed to assist fleet managers in monitoring their fleet, increasing its efficiency and to reduce the workload of those in the office whilst streamlining processes for mobile workers.

Employees who speed excessively and cause unnecessary wear and tear on company vehicles through poor driving styles, are a drain on the company resources and force the costs of running a mobile fleet to rise. Tracking your vehicles will draw your attention to areas where savings can be made. Ensuring your drivers take the most fuel efficient route, are not tempted to claim for false overtime and do not use the vehicles out of hours for personal use, all enable you to see an immediate reduction in costs.

A GPS Tracking system from RAM will alert you when your drivers choose to speed excessively and provide you with a breakdown of such activities. The system will alert you if your vehicle is being used out of hours for private use and can provide the user with real-time reports regarding fuel consumption and mileage. GPS records the length of time spent at each location and therefore offers drivers the peace of mind that their workforce are where they should be.

Many employees will not in fact realise that vehicle tracking will actually benefit them directly and there are a number of ways in which it can do so:

  • A good tracking system will produce automated reports meaning employees no longer need to worry about recording their working hours, fuel usage or mileage. 
  • Customer queries can be dealt with more efficiently, meaning employees who deal directly with customers on the ground will experience a far more pleasant working environment. 
  • Tracking allows the activities and behaviours of the workforce to be measured and subsequently good work can be rewarded.

In order to disperse negative view points in relation to tracking, it is important for employees to understand the reasons why the devices have been installed, the reasoning behind it will reassure them that it has not been installed to catch them out but actually to assist them in their job role and to benefit the business as a whole.   

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