Mobile Phone Penalties – How Business Vehicle Tracking Can Help

Mobile Phone Penalties – How Business Vehicle Tracking Can Help

By RAM Tracking on 3 Mar 2017

Since March 1st 2017, drivers caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel will face a six-point penalty and a £200 fine with no option of a remedial course. Also, recently qualified drivers will potentially have their license taken off them. For repeat offenders, they are looking at a £1,000 fine and a six-month driving ban. According to the RAC, a record number of motorists used their phone whilst driving in 2016 and this is why the government have upped the penalties.

Here at RAM, we know that this could potentially be a big cost for UK companies with a fleet so here are some reasons our Business Vehicle Tracking system can help stop Mobile Phone use –

1)    No need to call the office

With company cars now being tracked, drivers don’t need to update head office on their progress for jobs as they will be able to find driver location using RAM. Our Business Vehicle Tracking system gives real time information as to where drivers are and this means you can call drivers when they have arrived at their location.

2)    No need to call the customer

If a driver is running late to a job then rather than having to ring the customer whilst driving, head office can do this as they know the driver’s location. In addition to preventing drivers from using their phones behind the wheel, it also improves customer satisfaction as they know a driver isn’t risking any lives when calling them.

3)    Recording Mileage

Many drivers opt to use mobile phone apps when recording mileage but this isn’t needed when using our Business Vehicle Tracking system. Not only does this makes things easier for drivers as its less work but it also means they aren’t recording their mileage whilst actually driving.

It has never been more important for companies to do as much as they can to stop drivers from using their phones behind the wheel. We believe that Business Vehicle Tracking can take away all the reasons for doing this.

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