By RAM Tracking on 2 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s the start of a brand-new year, which means 365 new possibilities for your business! As a fleet manager, have you thought about your business resolutions? What you can do to improve your fleet management more efficiently? Following on from the big changes last year, utilising new technologies, such as a vehicle tracking system, will be essential in helping you achieve this.

Resolution #1 - Saving money

Saving money is never a bad thing. The start of the year gives you a fresh head of ideas of how you can achieve this and to the best potential. Having a vehicle tracking system in place can help your company to do this. They allow you to have complete visibility of your fleet; you can see who is driving out of hours, driving habits such as speeding and harsh braking, and who is using the least cost efficient routes. RAM Tracking works intelligently to push key information like this to you; allowing you to make informed money saving decisions backed by powerful data.

“We’ve reduced our fuel consumption, resulting in a £2000 a month saving!”

Darren Pratt, Sales Director at Alternative Windows

Resolution #2 - Increasing staff productivity

Utilising a vehicle tracking system can increase your staff’s productivity, meaning that more jobs can be squeezed into the working day. Often when staff know they are being tracked, they will work harder to complete jobs quicker, and you can be stricter with time spent on sites. RAM’s reports can be used as electronic timesheets, which will give you a more accurate view of hours worked, which can be sent to your customers at the touch of a button.

“Our productivity has increased by at least 80 hours per week.”

Cary Burwood, Director at Mulberry Group

Resolution #3 – less time on the phone, more time exceeding your customer’s expectations

Do you often find yourself spending hours calling drivers for their ETAs? The use of a vehicle tracking system will improve your visibility, you’ll never have to waste time chasing ETAs again. RAM Tracking uses live real-time maps to track the whereabouts of your vehicles. It also allows you to view the use of your vehicles outside of working hours. Private mileage could be costing your company a lot of money, as well as increasing the wear and tear of your vehicles.

“After being told by my driver that he was stuck in traffic, I checked my RAM mobile app to see he was sat in a layby. I love the visibility of seeing exactly where my vehicles are.”

Sarah Rotherforth, Owner of SJI Transport

Resolution #4 - Avoiding fines

A vehicle tracking system cannot magically void all fines you may receive, however they can be used to dispute incorrect ones and provide evidence for HMRC reports. HMRC have strict regulations when it comes to mileage reports, and expensive fines for inadequate ones. RAM’s reports can be used as evidence to avoid being fined for private mileage. For fines such as speeding and parking, RAM’s historical reports can be used to dispute the whereabouts of your vehicle at the time of the parking fine. Speeding fines could also be contested by using RAM Tracking’s speeding reports; you can view which drivers were over speeding, when and where.

“We are able to track where and how fast our drivers are going, and use the system as evidence to refute speeding or accident allegations.”

Transport Manager at AMCO Construction

Resolution #4 – Boost your customer service levels

Customer service is always an area that can be improved, and with RAM Tracking it’s a great New Year’s Resolution you can keep. Using a vehicle tracking system you can give customers accurate ETAs at the click of a button. RAM Tracking connects to online mapping software which allows you to see if any of your drivers are stuck in traffic, you can inform your customer straight away. No need to keep your customers in the dark when you’re using a vehicle tracking system.

“Our customer service has improved significantly since using the RAM system; we can access arrival time information for customers at the click of a button.”

Janet King, Fleet Administrator at Rinus Roofing Supplies Ltd

We hope these resolutions have given you food for thought, here’s to a successful 2018!

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