RAM Evolution 2 Launch

RAM Evolution 2 Launch

By RAM Tracking on 10 Jun 2013

Back in March we launched our new and improved settings window, with the addition of a ‘Vehicle Monitoring’ function, allowing the user to receive on screen alerts by exception. It is our mission here at RAM to continually strive to make our system even better for you, as well as ensure we keep on top of the latest advances in technology. June marks the release of our latest new features, the ‘General Settings’ window and the ‘Reporting Dashboard’.

The ‘General Settings’ window now appears to the right of the RAM Evolution button in the main row, allowing you to enter details such as your company name, set the number of vehicles in the vehicle grid and select whether you want to play sounds on alerts. Furthermore you can now select our ‘Contact Support’ button whereby you can fill in your details to submit a request to our team and you will be contacted by one of our advisors within just a few hours. The new window also features the ‘User Guide’ button where you can view our updated guide to navigating the system.

The ‘History Reports Reporting Dashboard’ has been designed to simplify the creation of your vehicle reports and make your selection easier, in addition giving you all the information you need to know about the report you are selecting, with a description of each application.

For further information about the new features or for any other queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 0113 385 1800.

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