RAM receive top award for Exceptional Customer Service for the second time in 6 months

RAM receive top award for Exceptional Customer Service for the second time in 6 months

By RAM Tracking on 11 May 2017

Once again we are very pleased to announce we have been accredited for ‘Exceptional’ customer service levels by the UK’s leading independent assessor, Investor in Customers (IIC) and remain the only GPS vehicle tracking provider in the UK to do so.

“With customers at the forefront of everything we do, their feedback from the previous two surveys has allowed us to review, plan, implement and analyse new and improved process improvements to ensure they are receiving an ever-improving experience with RAM” says CEO Chris McClellan.

“By listening to and implementing the exact improvements our very own customers want, it allows us to make an immediate difference with a positive impact by understanding their needs and making direct changes off the back of them."

Some of the recent improvements in our service to customers include:

  • Our first-response time has been faster than ever before, reducing by more than 50% since March 2016.
  • Customer queries are now resolved significantly quicker with a 24% improvement in case-resolution time between October 2016 and April 2017.
  • A record of 99.96% of all requests for new trackers are now booked within the first week.

Danny Pickering, who conducted the survey on behalf of IIC and Director at Smile Customer Experience Ltd said “Once again RAM Tracking have fully engaged in the independent survey and assessment Investor In Customers and the results have demonstrated a clear commitment to listening to their customers. It is a pleasure to work with an organisation that continues to strive for continued improvement. We look forward to seeing the impact of changes that RAM Tracking will implement as a result of this latest assessment.”

“And we won’t be resting on our laurels, we will be holding another survey towards the back end of this calendar year to not only maintain our exceptional level of service, but even better it to really give our customers something to shout about.” CEO Chris McClellan added,  “Our customers fuel our innovation and have allowed the business to grow to where it is today, so they will continue to be at the focal point of everything we do.”

By continuing to monitor our customer experience at the end of every query with a short C-Sat (Customer satisfaction) Survey, this allows us at RAM to receive real-time feedback from our customers and ensure we go above and beyond the level of service expected. And with an impressive average score of 4.83 stars out of 5 over the last 6 months, we will be working harder than ever to aim for that 5 out of 5 stars mark - Here’s to our customers!

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