RAM's Fuel Saving Tips

RAM's Fuel Saving Tips

By RAM Tracking on 12 Dec 2012

With the average UK vehicle boosting an engine size of between 1.4 to 2.0 litres, as well as the average mileage per vehicle being approximately 12,500 miles per year. Recent research has revealed that UK businesses could see their mileage drop by 10%, by simply re-evaluating their chosen route and as a direct result of this The Energy Saving Trust claim that ‘carbon emissions would be cut by 2.4 tonnes’. Based on these statistics, we have compiled a list of our top energy saving tips in order to reduce your annual vehicle costs:

Slow down: The average vehicle in the UK could consume approximately 25% less fuel, by the driver simply reducing their speed from 85mph to the maximum speed restriction of 70mph. When you are in a hurry, it is tempting to speed up, but think of your pocket, making this small change could save you £109 per year.

Share with friends: Car sharing has becoming increasingly popular over the last ten years, due to the rising cost of fuel and other vehicle running expenses. Sharing your commute with just one other person, could cut your annual fuel bill by 50%, saving you at least £451. And if you car share with multiple people, the saving could be even higher.

Pump in some air: It isn’t something you would necessarily expect to save you money, but flat tyres will only increase your fuel consumption, therefore keeping your tyres inflated will ensure you aren’t draining your fuel supply. You could save up to £64 year with this simple maintenance tip.

Try something new: Using an alternative form of commute such as cycling or even perhaps walking to work, just once per week could save you £146. And do not forget the benefits you’ll get from the extra exercise, it will not only improve your fitness but save you some cash!

Enjoy some fresh air: Opening your windows or sunroof as oppose to using your air-conditioning could saving you £109 per year. The air-conditioning forces the vehicle to use more power; in fact the amount of fuel used increases as the speed of the vehicle lowers.

Estimated figures taken from the ‘Energy Saving Trust, Fuel Your Passion’, interactive tool, based on a vehicle engine size of between 1.4 and 2.0 litres, travelling in excess of 12,500 miles per annum.

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