RAM Tracking achieves Outstanding accreditation from Investor in Customers

RAM Tracking achieves Outstanding accreditation from Investor in Customers

By RAM Tracking on 19 May 2016

We’re delighted to announce that RAM Tracking have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ accreditation from the nationally recognised Investor in Customers’ (IIC).

This was the first time RAM had been surveyed by the IIC and we attained the two out of three star ‘Outstanding’ rating – something not often achieved by businesses first time around! In order to decide on the rating for the accreditation, the IIC completed a rigorous month-long assessment of our customers, employees and management – appraising how well we performed across the key criteria of understanding and meeting clients’ needs, delighting clients and creating loyalty.

Overall, RAM Tracking was just 0.1% off achieving the top three-star ‘Exceptional’ standard. For a first time we’d say that was pretty good!

You may or may not know that in the past two years, RAM has invested over £1 million implementing new technology, systems and training for clients and employees – including a huge investment in SalesForce to increase automation and enhance the customer journey and experience.

RAM Tracking CEO Chris McClellan was delighted with the company performance, commenting:

To achieve an Outstanding rating the first time we’ve undertaken the IIC assessment is superb. We undertook the assessment as part of our culture of constant transformation and improvement, with the aim of getting some real ‘in the moment’ feedback on where we could improve our offering to customers. It was particularly encouraging to see that we performed brilliantly across all four of the IIC criteria; understanding customer needs, meeting those needs, delighting customers and engendering loyalty. We’re already reviewing all the feedback and I have no doubt that next year we’ll attain the ‘Exceptional’ three-star level.

 Anita Pickering, Director at Smile Customer Experience Ltd, who conducted the assessment on behalf of the IIC was also impressed with the results, noting: 

 “It was a pleasure to work with RAM Tracking. Every single person on the management team was fully behind the assessment and open to the findings. The feedback was very positive, but the real value of the IIC assessment comes from taking action where improvements have been specifically highlighted. RAM were clearly delighted with the feedback but keen to start working on any weaker elements of customer experience within the business – a fantastic attitude to have and the reason why I have no doubt the company will build on this success and perform even better next year.”

 Mr. McClellan finished by adding:

RAM are signing up on average 100 new customers every month and we’ve seen over 60% growth over the last year. I truly believe that’s testament to the company’s dedication to exceptional customer experience and constantly reevaluating how things can be done better. We spend a lot of time training and incentivising our staff, and the feedback from the survey showed we’re really getting it right. We try to ensure everyone understands the company vision and this certainly helps drive service and sales.”

 It’s hard to choose just a few, here’s feedback of where our customers ranked us as ‘Exceptional’ (that’s three out of three stars) for…Key criteria:

Understanding Customer Needs

  • Being easy to communicate with
  • Having clear and straightforward written communications
  • Understanding exactly the customer needs

Key criteria: Meeting Customer Needs

  • ‘Doing what we say on the tin!’
  • Having a good company product
  • Having products which incorporate an excellent range of features and options
  • Matching exactly what they want from a company

Key criteria: Delighting Customers

  • They trust us to behave with integrity, fairness and honesty
  • Customers rarely have to query anything
  • Our staff are good listeners
  • We do exactly what we say will

Key criteria: Engendering Loyalty

  • Staff being knowledgeable about the products they provide
  • Staff being both friendly and willing to help
  • Agreeing that they were likely to continue to use the company’s services
  • Being both satisfied and likely to recommend RAM to others

Key customer comments direct from the assessment report:

  • “I have always received 100% support with any questions or queries along with great customer service”
  • “We have met with numerous companies offering a similar service but RAM Tracking was certainly the best to deal with in terms of professionalism and product”
  • “Excellent product, excellent customer service and account management”
  • “Every person I have dealt with at RAM Tracking have been friendly and helpful; the service the Company offer is great - what's not to recommend?”
  • “Very reliable and great service”
  • “Issues are resolved promptly. Communication is excellent”

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