By RAM Tracking on 2 Oct 2018

Leger holidays is a leading provider of luxury escorted holidays across the UK, Europe and worldwide via coach, air, rail and cruise. The coach holidays in which they provide, offer an award-winning service with over 35 years experience in which they promise their customers a relaxing, hassle-free holiday.

As a holiday company that relies heavily on their vehicles to provide this, Leger holidays wanted to ensure they had the most efficient technology to help them maximise their customers experience and satisfaction. They needed a way to keep track of their vehicles at all times to ensure the most efficient route planning, minimise delays and manage customers’ expectations. After doing some research they decided RAM Tracking's vehicle tracking solutions were going to help them achieve this.

Here, we interviewed Richard Oxspring, Operations Manager at Leger Coach Holidays, to find out about his experience with our Vehicle Tracking software.

RAM Tracking: Why did you initially feel vehicle tracking was necessary for your fleet?

Richard: “We needed a way to not only improve our service for our customers but also ease the pressure for our staff. RAM Tracking’s Vehicle Tracking software does both by giving us live access to driver whereabouts at any given time. This means we are able to reduce queries about our vehicle whereabouts as we can now provide more accurate eta’s and are able to answer any queries in the first call rather than having to contact the driver and arrange a call back to the customer. Also, it was imperative in helping us to meet and exceed our business KPIs such as speed efficiency and fuel savings.”

RAM Tracking: Would you say therefore that RAM Tracking has helped you improve your own customer service levels?

Richard: “Yes without a shadow of a doubt.”

RAM Tracking: Do you feel as though having vehicle tracking installed has improved the safety of your fleet?

Richard: ‘Yes definitely. Now that we have the vehicle tracking installed we no longer have to keep contacting our drivers to query their whereabouts as we can see their location straight away on our vehicle tracking dashboard. This means drivers are concentrating more on the job at hand and have less distractions whilst driving which makes us as a company feel more confident about the safety of our drivers when out and about on the road.”

RAM Tracking: Did you shop around and consult and other vehicle tracking providers prior to choosing RAM Tracking? And if so how did you decided RAM tracking was the right company and product for you?

Richard: ‘We were actually recommended you by another company who used your vehicle trackers and were very impressed with your product themselves. We did still look at other companies but decided to go with RAM Tracking as they seemed to have a more competitive price compared to other tracking companies and more features and functionality.”

RAM Tracking: What are the main benefits have you seen to your business since having tracking installed?

Richard: “RAM Tracking vehicle tracking gives us quick and accurate access to our vehicle locations allowing us to easily monitor out fleet and keep our customers accurately informed and up to date with estimated times of arrival.”

RAM Tracking: Have you noticed any cost saving benefits since having vehicle tracking installed on your vehicles:

Richard: “We have definitely noticed an improvement on fuel costs as the vehicle tracking software has allowed us to massively reduce idling of our vehicles which we’ve been closely monitoring through idling reports. This also makes us feel better as a company as we’re now being more environmentally friendly.”

RAM Tracking: Can you describe the RAM Tracking product and service you have received in 3 words?

Richard: “Efficient, accurate and time-saving.”

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