Reasons why you could be using more fuel than necessary

Reasons why you could be using more fuel than necessary

By RAM Tracking on 13 Feb 2013

With fuel prices at a record high, we are all looking for inventive ways to reduce our fuel consumption, although you may be surprised to know that it isn’t quite as difficult as you might think, follow these simple steps and see how much you can save.

Check your tyres - ensuring your tyres meet the recommended inflation level for your vehicle is key to keeping your fuel consumption to an absolute minimum and could increase your fuel efficiency by 3%.

Don’t run multiple errands - try to cut down on the number of outings you make within your vehicle, or better yet combine your trips into one single journey. With careful planning, this is certainly possible; you will not only use less fuel, but waste far less through activities such as idling.

Reduce your speed - maintaining a lower speed can result in a 5-25% overall fuel reduction. Simply by sticking to the recommended speed limits and giving yourself enough time to reach your destination, will mean you are not so tempted to increase your acceleration.

Use the right oil - using the correct oil is essential for good efficiency; ensure you use the recommended type from the manufacturer of your vehicle. Be aware of the ‘energy conserving symbol’, as brands with this stamp have been specially formulated to maximise fuel efficiency.

Analyse your driving style - harsh acceleration and braking can greatly lower your vehicles fuel efficiency. Maintaining a steady speed and avoiding sudden braking could reduce the amount of fuel you consume by 10-35%.

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