Speeding – How can our vehicle tracking system make a difference?

Speeding – How can our vehicle tracking system make a difference?

By RAM Tracking on 10 Feb 2017

With new speeding guidelines recently published by the government, it is now even more important to make sure your fleet doesn’t break the speed limit. This is one of the biggest problems that fleet managers have to tackle and this is where we can help them out. Here are three reason to install our vehicle tracking system and keep your fleet on the right side of the law –


With the recent news that speeding fines are going up, this is one avoidable cost that you should be on top of. Our vehicle tracking system lets you see what speed company cars are travelling at as it highlights any vehicles breaking the limit. With drivers now under pressure to stick to the correct speed, you should be able to receive fewer expensive speeding penalties, and indeed, fewer speeding points on driver licenses.

Vehicle Wear and Tear

Vehicle wear and tear is a very serious issue for fleet managers. Speeding results in a higher risk of damage to your company vehicles meaning businesses spend more maintaining vehicles in their fleet. Our vehicle tracking system can help reduce these costs but also the larger cost involved in having to replace company cars more frequently.

Bad Press

If your fleet drivers are speeding, this may be noticed by potential customers driving on the same road. With the rise of social media, this could be very harmful for your company. Another thing to consider is the awful press your company will receive if one of your drivers is involved in an accident whilst speeding. This could damage your company’s reputation very heavily and is something that is avoidable with the use of RAM.

Make sure you and your company have done as much as you can to prevent speeding by installing our vehicle tracking system.