Superhero-inspired "GPS street art" discovered on vehicle tracking software

Superhero-inspired "GPS street art" discovered on vehicle tracking software

By RAM Tracking on 25 Apr 2016

RAM Tracking recently discovered  a cleverly carried out series of "GPS street art" images created using its  tracking software. The images were picked up by RAM Tracking after a client was found to be making a number of irregular vehicle journeys during multiple  weekends.

On closer inspection, it became apparent that  the unnamed electrical business was creating impressive superhero-inspired  images – some of which took several weeks to produce. RAM got in touch with the  business owner, Matt Smith*, who confirmed that he had decided to have some fun  with the software on the streets of London.

Matt explained: “It took a lot of preparation, but it was a lot of fun to carry out. It was great to see that I could create pieces of undercover art, with the help of RAM’s route replay feature, which I access every day. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to notice, so when I got the call from RAM Tracking enquiring into the activity, I was surprised. It made me smile knowing that they had seen my antics!”

Chris McClellan, CEO of RAM Tracking, spoke about this imaginative use of the GPS tracking technology: “We certainly weren’t expecting a client to get so creative with our software – especially as our services are primarily used as a tool to help decrease business operating costs. GPS technology has sky-rocketed in use over the last five years, and it is continuing to see a significant growth for both personal and commercial use. “GPS street art” is something that we had seen with the use of running and fitness apps, but it came as a pleasant surprise when it was spotted in our system!”

*Please note: the business name and vehicle registration number have been changed to protect the identity of the client.
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