The future of car technologies

The future of car technologies

By RAM Tracking on 31 Jan 2013

In an ever-changing technologically driven world, what can we expect to see from the future of our cars? With a vehicle of any sort being essential to get around nowadays, how can we make our journeys a little more pleasant, efficient and even more thrilling? With the average car redesign taking place every seven years what should we anticipate appearing on the order forms in 2020?

Complete Fuel Efficiency – With a bid for our vehicles to get ‘greener’ and the rising cost of fuel prices, manufacturers are under constant pressure to produce fuel efficient, low cost vehicles and therefore this is certainly an integral part of future car design.

Driverless Vehicles – Many driverless technologies already exist, the ability to park and stop without assistance is already available, although this is predicted to become more mainstream as these technologies become more accessible to the masses.

Social Communications – The maintenance required of car owners is continuously diminishing, although by 2020 is cars are anticipated to need very few parts, with fluids and coolants designed to last throughout the vehicles lifecycle.

In-Car-Office – You could claim that it is already possible to run a business from a moving vehicle, with the use of hands free in car phones, satellite mapping and internet access. Further technological connects are expected to include dictating voice recognition, receiving and reviewing documents and even video conferencing.

When you look back at the advances in technology over the last ten years, can we really predict the excellence which is yet to come and the impact it may have on our personal and working lives?

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