The Latest Budget Promises Low Fuel Prices

The Latest Budget Promises Low Fuel Prices

By RAM Tracking on 18 Mar 2016

The fleet industry is very happily welcoming in the continuing freeze in fuel duty, thanks to the cancellation of the inflation rise, which was due next month; by Chancellor George Osborn.

This unexpected move now means that the rate of fuel duty will continue to be 57.95p per litre throughout 2016/17. This will keep the pump prices at their current price of being 18p cheaper than if the pre-2010 fuel duty escalator plans had been maintained. This is great news for those with commercial vehicles.

RAM Tracking makes it really easy for businesses with commercial vehicles to keep tabs on information required by HMRC, helping you to avoid nasty penalties.

HMRC have different tax rules depending on the type of vehicle you have in your fleet and when usage is classed as ‘private, outside of working hours’. RAM Tracking features a series of reports that captures this key information, so at the click of a button you can send HMRC all the information they need to know. With the end of the financial year fast approaching, why not check out our tax tips guide, for businesses with commercial vehicles. The newudgetr guide includes; top tax tips that every business should know and consider for their next financial year, such as:

·         How tax is calculated on levels of pollution omitted by your vehicles

·         Petrol vs. diesel tax implications

·         New Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) for businesses with a fleet of electric vehicles

Download the guide here 

What’s also important to note is that RAM Tracking has the facility for you to keep a close eye on these too, ensuring that you’re paying the correct tax for every one of your vehicles. Some of these features include:

·         Green report – highlighting the level of omissions omitted by each of your vehicles, helping you to run a ‘greener’ fleet

·         Summary report which provides you with a weekly, daily, annual overview of your fleet highlighting fuel consumption based on speeding, idling and taking longer less efficient routes


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