The most expensive diesel in Europe

The most expensive diesel in Europe

By RAM Tracking on 24 Aug 2016

Benjamin Franklin said ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ Most people would agree with this, however we would like to add that with RAM Tracking saving your fleet money would be a certainty! In the past few months, there has been a lot of speculation rather than fact in terms of the economy and everything surrounding it. Fuel is a significant factor in all of the Post-Brexit chat. Here are some of the key facts we currently know.

Over half is tax
One thing that makes Britain pretty different to a lot of countries in terms of fuel is that both petrol and diesel are taxed at the same rate. It’s actually the only member of the EU to do this. The current price of fuel is around 112p/litre for both petrol and diesel. The tax we pay on that 112p/litre is about 58p. Over half of the price of fuel is made up of tax. To put this into perspective, we are 23rd out of 28 for the most expensive diesel pre-tax. When tax comes in to play, we are 1st.
We have the joint 6th highest price of petrol in the EU too, pre-tax, we are 22nd. Even the pound weakening against the Euro hasn’t had an effect on our standing as the most expensive place to buy diesel in Europe. In an ideal world, we would be able to just nip over to France and pay less. Unfortunately we would use more fuel in doing this than we would saved which makes it a pretty pointless idea. If you are driving down to France anyway though then you could time it so you fill up over in France as many times as you can, coming back on a full tank.

With UK fuel prices being so high, has there been a better time to look at how to reduce these costs? We can help…  

How GPS Tracking can save you money
If you are a fleet manager then the above will make for bad reading. We work with many businesses, varying in industry and fleet size all over the country. Here is how our GPS Tracking system helps them –

  • Cuts fuel costs. RAM gives drivers the shortest route meaning less fuel is used. Also, company vehicles are used less and less for personal trips as fleet managers have access to where drivers have been and at what time
  • Increases productivity. As mentioned above, fleet managers can see what time drivers arrive at sites and how long they are there for. This increases productivity as it is easy to catch those slacking. You can even offer incentives to drivers who arrive and leave on time. This would be easy to police as you would have real time info on where the driver is. It can also settle disputes with customers as you can prove a driver turned up for a job if the customers claims otherwise.
  • HMRC. The revenue can be a bit of a nuisance to deal with when it comes to Benefits-in-Kind, not to mention the big fines you can receive for not keeping proper records or your private mileage. Your data can be accessed at the touch of a button and will quickly get rid of this inconvenience and also take away any worries about huge fines.

Although it looks bad news for business that require fuel to operate, the picture can change and we look forward to keeping everyone up to date with the latest fuel news. In the meantime, we offer a free trial so you can see how RAM would work for your company. Get in touch with us via our website email or phone 03333 230 233.

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