By RAM Tracking on 22 Jun 2018

When a business owner or fleet manager looks to consider the most reliable vehicles to hire, the logical starting position would be to look closely at the brands and models that would be suited for personal value and reliability. A vehicle that is reliable for a family of four may also hold similar value to business concepts depending on the necessity of the given organisation. Providing a survey to customers throughout the UK, taking note of over 14,000 drivers, can help to determine value and reliability on the roads, providing tremendous decision-power to fleet manager and business leaders, alike. 

A recent survey conducted by J.D. Power, helps to illustrate the most reliable cars on the road.  From an overall effectiveness standpoint for many fleet managers, it would be critical to know if there was a separation or difference in reliability in comparing standard vehicles and trucks, as organisations fluctuate in needs for each fleet and hire option.  The first survey that we will focus on from J.D. Power provides an overall dependable brand survey, helpful to businesses that optimise standard vehicles, such as a taxi service. The survey helped to identify the following brands of vehicles as being the best rated in quality and reliability: Lexus was identified as the premier brand of vehicles in the UK for reliability, closely followed by the runners-up – Mitsubishi and Toyota. In addition to reliability, Japanese brands topped the list in five other categories, helping to emphasise overall quality and dependability for fleet managers.

Beyond the survey conducted for overall reliability, J.D. Power helped to narrow the focus for business owners that have a tendency to require trucks on their fleet. The ideology behind having a truck on the fleet starts with the foundation of work hard and play hard - a truck in a fleet needs to be reliable, full stop. Whereas Japanese-based brands proved high quality and reliability in standard vehicles, the brands of Ford, and GMC proved top standards for reliability, followed by Honda, Nissan and Toyota in trucks. The vast contrast between truck reliability versus standard vehicles helps to provide the importance in decision making data for fleet managers when comparing the best and most reliable options for hiring vehicles in the UK. 

The first process for a business should be to consider the needs of the fleet, or vehicles to be hired for the given company, deciding what functions will be necessary and deciding if standard vehicles, trucks, or a combination of both will be ideal. After collecting this information, the decision can then be made to focus on reliable brands to help get the job done. From our data set and analysis, one may lean towards Lexus or Mitsubishi on one end of the spectrum, and Ford or Toyota for another. The best decisions on reliability, no matter what the brand, may also be further emphasised by the fleet maintenance programme keeping the vehicles on the road. 

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