Things to look for in a fleet management system

Things to look for in a fleet management system

By RAM Tracking on 6 Mar 2013

The installation of vehicle tracking devices within your fleet should be viewed as an investment into the future of your business, which will allow you to drive productivity and increase profitability. Yet when researching into vehicle tracking, there are a number of fleet management solutions you should look for from your provider:

Features and Usability 

Features and Usability are essential to the success of any tracking system and here at RAM Tracking we realise the importance of additional features, as well as those standardised applications associated with tracking. Our programme is easy to use as well as navigate and we have the client testimonials to prove this, even if technology is not your strong point.

In addition to the real-time location of your fleet, the RAM system allows customers to monitor the activity of their fleet through a speed analysis report as well as record the start and stop times of each vehicle.

Furthermore, out of hours usage can be quickly detected and you can be alerted by an automatic email update; the programme also allows you access financial reports, such as fuel consumption, time sheets and information regarding carbon dioxide emissions, which is of particular concern to some more environmentally conscious businesses.


Reliability is vital and without this all the excellent applications of your tracking system will become worthless. Check the up-time rate of your provider’s servers and other aspects which may affect your ability to access your data. Many companies will only store your data for three months, whereas here at RAM your data will be stored on an unlimited basis, meaning you can access your historical data to as far back as your first day of installation. Some providers charge customers for updates to the system, yet here at RAM Tracking all our updates are free of charge and take effect immediately, meaning you can start benefiting from the new applications as and when they happen.


Reputation of your provider is incredibly important as if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong one; you could end up losing out. RAM Tracking has been trading for over 8 years, having a renowned industry reputation and providing vehicle tracking solutions to over 3000 customer across the UK. Here at RAM Tracking we work continuously to improve our service offering, not only with a view to new technologies but also in relation to customer satisfaction. We have recently launched our newly developed free software upgrade, RAM Evolution which was described by the Fleet News as the ‘next generation of vehicle tracking software’.