Top Money Saving Tips for Fleet Managers

Top Money Saving Tips for Fleet Managers

By RAM Tracking on 22 Apr 2016

Did you know RAM Tracking can save you on average £71* per vehicle per week? That makes a great total of £3692 per year! Read on to find out how…

Over 750 companies took part in our money-saving exercise, and we worked out how much time and money was wasted on some of the daily tasks that the team at RAM Tracking could easily and happily take care of. The following is a breakdown of how we can help you increase the amount of money that you make and decrease the amount of money you waste.

The first thing we need to address is private mileage; most businesses have no idea, and are alarmed when they find out, how much extra mileage is racked up outside of working hours. 46 extra miles are driven per driver per week, outside of their working hours. Basing this on the average fleet size of 8, that would burn a £1,196 hole in your pocket every month, and £14,352 every year! This is money that can be spent in other areas, improving your business even more.

Do you know how long it takes and how much it costs to locate a vehicle for a new job? A minimum of 32 minutes each day, and with the average director’s time being worth £58 that would cost you a minimum of….£30.93 a day, £670.09 a month and £8,041.18 a year!

Disputes can often arise when billing a customer for some work that has been done, proving this can be a challenge. Here at RAM we have worked out that most service site based businesses can have a minimum of 1 dispute per week that requires tracking in order to be solved. The average weekly cost to investigate and attempt to resolve the dispute is £85, costing an extra £4420 every year!

Do you note how long it takes you to locate the nearest vehicle for a job? Having multiple employees in a vehicle can often mean that the vehicle arrives late to a job. These little 5 minute “nips off site” can all add up, they can actually add up to 45 minutes each day per employee of time lost. Based on having 2 employees in a van, the average fleet size of 8 and an hourly rate of £10 this could end up costing your business £31,200 per year!

All these little jobs that can end up racking up not so little costs to your business, the team at RAM can do at the touch of a button, and can save you £71* per vehicle per week. Our system works intelligently to push key information to managers, saving them vital time and money that they can plough back into their business. Get in touch with us and we will make this happen for your business.

*Figure calculated by businesses that took part in the Do the Maths exercise on

*Download the full results here