By RAM Tracking on 18 Oct 2022

Tracking Landscaping - Save Time and Money

Landscaping is undoubtedly a rewarding business if you know the ropes. The growing trend of staycation post the pandemic has fuelled the demand for property maintenance, including landscaping. In fact, the landscaping industry is poised to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% during 2022-2027.

Generally speaking, landscapers tend to get a lot of business through referrals; one happy client can give you substantial work orders. Fierce competition and low barriers to entry can make it challenging for service providers to sustain. With the growing issues of the cost of living crisis, many households are taking to look after their lawn care and garden themselves as they would save for other expenses.

To secure business and keep customers happy, landscapers need to offer prompt services with proper care to customers. They should be able to effectively assign jobs, remotely manage the workforce, keep track of equipment and vehicles, etc. With the help of landscaping fleet tracking software, companies can enhance the operational efficiency of the landscaping business. The technology can help them to move from traditional manually driven management practices and ensure cost savings.

Landscaping productivity tracking

The landscaping workforce is spread across different areas, making visibility, and tracking landscaping jobs a big challenge. Calling them frequently and asking for updates can hamper their productivity and take more time to complete their jobs.

  • Managers can easily assign and track the progress of jobs in real-time with time tracking for landscaping workers
  • The field workforce has a landscape management app that will help them access information like the new jobs assigned, current job status customer details, and much more.
  • The field workforce can instantly update the job's progress through the app and enhance real-time communication. 

Using landscaping vehicle tracking, managers can dispatch the nearest worker to the job, saving travel time and cost. This way, they don’t have to wait for work orders and guidance as they are notified about any new job assigned. Due to more efficiencies, businesses will be able to complete more jobs throughout the same period of time, increasing profitability and productivity.

Streamline job management

Irrespective of the industry type, organised job flows are essential, and the landscaping business is no different. Managing a landscaping business seems straightforward, but a company with several workers can be tough. If companies rely on a paper-pen-based approach, miscommunication, and errors are bound to happen. Ultimately, delivering poor service can affect your business and profitability.

  • Landscaping productivity tracking solves this problem by having all job information in one place.
  • Managers and field teams can view data through a centralised dashboard, from custom job sheets and schedules to work orders, invoices, and customer details.
  • The landscaping tracker excel makes it easy for managers to conduct daily operations and view the status with just a few clicks, and the field team can access them from the palm of their hand.

Landscaping cost tracking empowers landscapers to get rid of multiple systems, eliminate manual processes, save admin time and costs, and ensure accurate data at all times. You can use our calculator to work out the savings through vehicle or van tracking.

Asset tracking for landscaping

Landscapers use different types of tools like tractors, lawnmowers, and much more. They need to check inventory and ensure that the field team has all the necessary tools to complete the job. If the team reaches the job site but with missing tools, the entire day is thrown into disorder and even burns, through the loss of customer trust.

Landscaping asset tracking can help managers track assets effectively and recover stolen assets via theft or misuse.

  • If any asset or equipment goes missing, asset tracking for landscaping provides location details of equipment and helps recover them as soon as possible.
  • Managers can equip the team with the tools they need. Location proximity of the assets also allows managers to assign the nearest asset for admin and time-saving hours.

Landscaping cost tracking

Similarly, landscaping vehicle tracking can help managers track the location of vehicles, plan optimised routes as well as monitor drivers' behaviour and know they are where they need to be for the work to commence.

Landscaping fleet tracking not only uplifts operational efficiency but also improves communication with customers.

  • Customers can see the job’s progress through the customer portal and gain more visibility.
  • Time tracking for landscaping workers provides accurate arrival time of the field team, notifies if there is delay, or shares any other details to ensure effective conclusions to jobs assigned.

The field team can address issues or changes, approve job completion and invoices from customers at the job site itself, establish faster payments and increase cash flow. Better communication with customers leaves no room for loopholes, leaving customers happy and satisfied. 

Stay competitive

With streamlined operations and job management, the landscaping tracker can help get more work done with less hassle. Further, seamless collaboration and digitised processes reduce the scope for mistakes, deliver the highest service quality, and upswing customer retention. 

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